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10 Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

Nutrition by Natalie – Helpful Kitchen Time Saving Ideas.


1. Create and Follow a Meal Plan.

Following a predetermined meal plan removes the extra stress and responsibility of making up each meal as you go.

2. Buy Pre-Prepped Food.

You can find a lot of different food items that are already marinated, chopped or sliced. This can really save some time while preparing a meal. 

3. Use a Food Chopper.

Turns out that weirdo on T.V. screaming about a Food Chopper was on to something. You can chop up an entire vegetable in a matter of seconds. If you are trying to save time and energy in the kitchen, every second counts. 

4. Use a Food Processor. 

Use a food processor to make dressing, marinades, sauces and quickly shred vegetables. Go with a large food processor.  Something that is 10-14 cups so you can make bulk batches to freeze and use later. 

5. Make Bulk Meals. 

Once a week make a meal in a slow cooker and make a bulk meal, something double or triple the size of your normal meal.  This will help you cook less but still maintain a variety. 

6. Use Your Ice Cube Trays. 

Put chopped herbs, onions and other vegetables in the ice trays along with a small amount of water, oil or broth, and freeze them. You can then easily add these to meals in the future. 

7. Buy Meat in Bulk. 

Purchase things like chicken breast, tenderloin and fish, place it into a bag full of marinade and freeze it. The night before you want to use the meat, place it in the fridge to thaw out and marinade by dinner time. 

8. Make Big Batch of Whole Grains. 

Quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats even beans can be cooked and divided into meal sized portions and frozen.  Now when you need them they can be thawed out and ready in minutes. 

9. Parboil Food.

Partial cook vegetables in boiling water to drastically cut down the cooking and roasting time. 

10. Use Your Oven. 

Use you oven as a way to multi task.  If something is cooking in the oven you can use that time to do some chores.


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