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13 Nourishing Foods That Give You Unbeatable Energy


There are simply days when we feel drained and burned out. Can we get an AMEN? Time’s dragging at the office, 3PM rolls around and….time for a pick me up. Soda, coffee, chips? If that’s not enough, we turn to energy drinks. Unfortunately, these so-called “rejuvenating” beverages are actually harmful to the body. Did you know that every year people die from consuming energy drinks?! CRAZY.

The next time you need an energy boost, you might want to try these 13 foods instead. They’re guaranteed to nourish you and keep your energy level up to power through your day! J


Beetroot is a great source of fiber, potassium, folic acid and manganese. This power plant has long been part of the medical archive. It is good for the detoxification process of the liver. The plant is purple in color owing it to betacyanin, a powerful pigment found in plants that is said to suppress the progress of some types of cancer. In addition it prevents constipation and helps lover cholesterol level.

This plant is coined a “health-food titan” because of its high nitrate contents which is said to boost exercise performance by providing more energy.


Nuts are the perfect on-the-go snack and are great energy boosters. You can snack on them anytime and anywhere. There are different kinds of nuts, but in general, nuts are healthy in its raw form. These are high in omega-3, protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, as well as the energy boosting vitamin B and vitamin E.

Dark Chocolate

It is a good energy booster that is loaded with antioxidants, low in fat and natural sugar. This delicious treat has so many benefits to health.

Fish (whitefish, oily fish, or shellfish)

This food type provides many nutritional benefits which include energy boosting minerals. If you run out of energy, a good fish dinner might just do the trick. It is high in protein and fat-soluble vitamins. Varieties like tuna and salmon are great choices because they are rich in omega-3, good fats and proteins necessary to build and repair muscle tissues. It is low in calorie content yet high in energy.


Water may not be technically a food in form but it is an essential food for the body. We need it to keep our body hydrated and our body temperature down. Lack of water in the body causes our energy level to go down which may alter our mood and mental abilities. We have to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Remember our body is composed of 70% water. We need to replenish whatever is lost. So always make it a habit to drink water as frequently as possible!


Caffeine lovers around the world know that this is a great stimulant and energy booster. This bean has remarkable benefits though one must not rely on it solely as their prime source of energy. Anything in excess is bad as too much coffee intake may cause unfavorable health issues.


Grass-Fed Beef

Lack of iron in our diet may result in anemia or vitamin B deficiency which is a common cause of fatigue and low energy. A good source of iron is red meat. Grass-fed beef is a great choice because it is GMO free, lean, has four times vitamin E, high omega-3 content and rich in beta carotene. This meat has low saturated fats and cholesterol.


If you are always feel tired, it might be due to oxidative stress and inflammation. People who are unusually tired may have elevated levels of inflammation. Eating broccolican help address this problem as it contains glucosinolates, an antioxidant known to fight cancer cell growth. It has lots of vitamin C, beta-carotene and lutein. It is best eaten raw, stir fried or steamed. Never boil this since it reduces its nutrient content.


Studies show that people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome lacks B-vitamin folate. This vegetable is rich in vitamin A and an excellent source of B-vitamin folate.  It also contains plenty of anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds.

Sweet Potato

If a person’s blood sugar level is low, his energy level becomes low as well. Carbohydrates are great sources of energy. We need carbohydrates to up our blood sugar level. Sweet potato is a good source of complex carbs, the kind of carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly by the body and does not cause sudden spikes.


These superfoods are rich in antioxidants shown to reduce cognitive decline especially in the elderly. If you are too tired to concentrate, eating lots of blueberries will combat this mental fatigue.


As a superfood that is versatile, healthy and delicious, eggs are often used in baking, sorbet and cooking. This food is rich in protein that is perfect to start your busy day.


This fruit is both nutritious and delicious. Banana is popular among bodybuilders and employees exposed to stress and fatigue. It is rich in potassium, fructose and glucose. Eating banana will make you alert and alive in an instant.


If you think that these foods are too many to include in your diet plans, try supplementing with Viance products. Our all-natural products contain most of the abovementioned items and other superfoods, guaranteed to increase your energy, reduce blood sugar, eliminate bad cholesterol, boost your metabolism, and shed excess weight. Start your Nutrition Revolution Now!

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