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20 Ways to Reduce Daily Calories by 20% Without Starving

Having trouble knowing where you can reduce calories in your diet? The solution is NOT to skip breakfast or lunch. We collected 20 easy ways for you to NOT skip a meal and starve yourself while reducing your caloric intake by at least 20%! Our team at Viance is dedicated to helping you reach your weight loss goals, so we encourage you to try 3-4 of these ideas and see what happens.

Substitute avocado oil for vegetable oil.


Avocado oil has been making a huge splash in the nutritional world because of it’s low calorie content and high antioxidant benefits. Sub it for vegetable, canola, and even olive oil.

Use skim milk in your morning coffee instead of flavored creamer.


Those little packets of creamer are FILLED with calories due to their fat percentage. When possible, switch those out for some skim milk, with is healthier and contains much less calories.

Eat a fiber dense breakfast to stave off cravings midday.


Eating a fiber rich breakfast like this oatmeal recipe is perfect because it keeps you satisfied longer. It also reduces the urge to eat sugary or fatty foods in the middle of your work day.

Drink Vitality Blend as your breakfast meal to get nutrient dense caloric intake.



Vitality Blend is packed with superfoods and vitamins. It’s a ‘nutrient dense’ meal, which means the calories you consume with Vitality Blend are valuable due to the amount of vitamins and minerals you absorb.

Limit your dinner carb-intake to one fist size portion.


Nutritionists say that most Americans are eating way too many carbs at dinner. How do you we fix this one? Experts say limit your intake to one fist sized portion of GOOD carbs that aren’t processed. If processed …throw it away.

Substitute quinoa for rice or pasta in your favorite dishes.


Quinoa is a superfood and has been a staple diet for South Americans for hundreds of years. This ancient grain is now a common item in grocery stores and is the only grain with a ‘perfect protein’ index, which means it has all of the essential proteins your body needs to function. Here’s a few great recipes that uses quinoa.

Don’t skip breakfast


Skipping breakfast causes your metabolism to slowly wake up throughout the day instead of the jump start it really needs in the morning. Your metabolism level determines how fast and efficiently your body processes and burns calories. The earlier it starts, the more calories you burn.

Don’t watch TV while eating.


Watching TV while eating distracts you from the amount of food you are really consuming. We’ve all been there – sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips and suddenly..they’re all gone. What happened?!

Take a 30 minute evening walk.


Taking a walk in the evening is one of the prescribed workouts on the Viance Weight Loss Program. A slow 30 minute stroll activates your body’s metabolism and also promotes total wellness throughout your bones, joints, muscles, and digestive system.

Replace potato chips and tortilla chips with kale chips.

shutterstock_137828138Lots of us are addicted to potato chips. (sour cream and onion, anyone?!) However, there is a similar, just as tasty yet way healthier, version. Delicious kale chips, which you can find a recipe for here. You can seriously reduce daily calories with this one fix.

Use UltraSlim before your dinner to reduce starch and fat absorption.


Viance Ultra Slim is a synergistic blend of ingredients that helps you lose extra weight by many different methods: appetite suppressant, fat burner, fat and starch blocker, blood glucose regulator and digestive aid.

Adding a dropper full of Viance Ultra Slim to your water bottle throughout the day is a simple way to turn boring water into a delicious and healthy hydrating, fat busting, energizing drink. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for your body to metabolize fat and convert food into energy – boosting your energy levels.

Eat often – up to six meals per day.


Eating six meals a day spreads out your caloric intake so you metabolism can keep up with burning those calories at an even pace. We suggest three regular meals and then three supplemental meals with products like Vitality Blend, Nutrition Bars, and Greens Formula.

Choose nutrient dense calories in every meal.


‘Empty calories’ are calories that contain little to no nutritional value for us humans. Things like potato chips, French fries, soda, etc. are examples of empty calorie foods. Choose superfoods that are packed with vitamins and minerals to maximize your caloric value and reduce daily calories overall.

Eat at home vs. eating at a chain restaurant.


Chain restaurants PACK their food with fatty, salty ingredients that skyrocket the calories in each meal. Places like Applebee’s, Chili’s, and BJ’s should always be avoided if you’re trying to limit your calorie intake. Instead, choose to cook at home, where you KNOW what ingredients are going into your meals and you can get a good idea at how much you’re eating. You can always get a meal plan with the Viance Program to make this easy.

Reduce your fried food consumption.


Fried food is covered in a processed-carb based powder, and dipped into a giant vat of processed-carb oil. Need we say more? Stop.

Skip the fast food and eat the real stuff.


Fast food is almost as bad as eating at bad chain restaurants – the Wendy’s Baja Salad has over 700 calories!! And it’s a SALAD. Seriously, ditch the fast food and choose real, organic, natural food that nature intended you to eat.

Eat when you’re hungry – seriously.


Ignoring your body’s desire to eat is bad because it does two things: 1) Your hunger usually means your body is needing nutrition such as vitamins or minerals that its not getting, and 2) You’ll likely overeat at your next meal and consume more calories than if you had eaten a healthy snack like Nutrition Bars.

Design your meals before the week begins.


Prepping for meals allows you to lay out exactly how many calories are going to be in your weekly diet. You can design specific recipes to meet your needs while at the same time reducing your intake so you can shed some extra weight.

Use the 90 Day Viance Meal Plan and shopping lists.


The 90 Day Meal Plan by Viance is the perfect solution for your meal plan needs. You get all of your meals planned for you and an easy to follow shopping guide that does all of the work for you! You  can EASILY cut more than 20% on the Viance Meal Plan, which comes in every Viance Weight Loss Kit.



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