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3 Calorie Burning Foods Everyone Should Be Eating

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can sometimes seem impossible to stay on track. Did you know that there are a few miracle foods that are actually negative in calories?

These miracle foods contain more water than calories which means that they require more calories to utilize them than they hold.




Celery is a great snack since 75% of it is water, 25% is fiber and other roughage. This tasty veggie will provide you with far fewer calories than it takes for your body to digest it. Celery is also a great source of fiber that helps you feel fuller for longer, so you’ll crave snacks less. Not to mention that celery is highly nutritious and packed with vitamins C, A and K.

Celery also has anti-oxidant properties that can improve cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of developing hardened arteries and other heart-related problems. The fiber content helps regulate bowel movements and boosts digestive health in general. Some reports even suggest that a diet high in celery can improve your skin’s appearance.

You can enjoy celery on its own, lightly season it with salt, or spread peanut or almond butter on it. You can also dip celery in sauce or chop it up for salad.




This juicy fruit is almost entirely water with a bit of roughage thrown into it. This sweet and sour fruit is about 60% water, and the rest is mostly healthy fiber that boosts digestive health and makes you feel full.

Grapefruit has a unique fiber called pectin, which not only fills you up, but also reduces arterial hardening and helps protect your body against heart disease. It also has phytonutrients called limonoids, which help reduce your chances of developing tumors in your stomach, colon and lungs. People who eat lots of grapefruit usually have up to 16% lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

Eating lots of grapefruit can help boost your metabolism, so you body can burn calories at a faster rate. Grapefruit slices or juice can boost your energy in the morning or when you hit a slump while working.

Grapefruit makes a great morning snack, but is good for any time of the day when you are craving something sweet and healthy.

Lettuce and Leafy Greens


Lettuce and leafy greens burn more calories than they contain because they’re mostly made up of water. The ratio is around 50% water to 50% fiber.

Leafy greens are a fantastic source of energy and help reduce our urge to eat sweets. If you’re trying to be healthier and lose some weight, then leafy greens are second to none.

A juicy portion of kale provides you with 1327% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin K and 192% of your intake of vitamin A, which promote strong, healthy bones. Kale is also packed with anti-carcinogenic nutrients called glucosinolates, which are great for reducing the risk of cancer in the colon, prostate, ovaries, breast and bladder.

Spinach is just as amazing for weight loss. One gram of spinach has more protein than a gram of steak, and protein makes your digestive system to work extra hard. So as you’re digesting spinach, you’re burning more calories than you’d otherwise be using.

There are lots of other great calorie-burning foods out there to help you drop those extra pounds, fill you up, and boost your energy.


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