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When you’re always on the go like me, you turn to alternatives to get your daily servings of greens, meals and desserts. When I say alternatives, I don’t mean going through a fast food drive through. I’m talking about a meal replacement shake, healthy brownies and more! I’m partnering with Viance Nutrition to try out some of their healthy and natural products!

1. Get a meal replacement shake – Vitality Blend

Vitality Blend literally takes seconds to make. No additional shopping, time consuming prep work or messy clean up. Get all the health benefits of juicing without the mess. Just shake it up in a Blender Bottle and you’re done! It tastes great in smoothies too. You’ll love the energy! This low glycemic antioxidant shake helps you optimize your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar as well. You’ll be feeding your body the nutrients it needs, and your body will respond with a reduction in junk food cravings, a better mood, more energy and healthier looking skin.

2. Keep Brownie Bites near you to satisfy your sweet tooth

Viance Brownie Bites may just be the ideal dessert snack. Although they taste just like a chewy, fudge brownie, they have only 3g of sugar and only 100 calories! Having them in your purse or on your desk will help you from going out to grab a sugary dessert. These little power-houses are packed full of healthy fats, prebiotics, 7g of fiber, 6g of protein and only 3g of sugar!

3. Not getting all your greens? Try an alternative green drink

The best way to get your full servings of fruits and veggies is to have an easy-to-make green drink. Viance Nutrition’s Greens Formula is rich in antioxidants and contains various superfoods to keep you going throughout the day. I like to mix mine with almond milk for a creamier taste.

Have you tried the Brownie Bites, Vitality Blend or Greens? If not, Viance Nutrition will be offering a 50% off discount for first time subscription buyers of Vitality Blend and Brownie Bites only. Hurry before this offer ends!


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