3 Tips for Faster Fat Loss

Fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Fat loss really can boil down to a few simple steps. If you can watch your calories, watch what kinds of foods you’re consuming, and when you’re eating them, you’ll be well on your way to a leaner you.

Watch Your Calories


Do you have to count calories in order for fast weight loss to occur? Well, you are going to have to monitor you intake somehow. Whether you choose to use pre-portioned meals, meal replacement shakes and bars, or weigh and measure your foods, you will have to be accountable.

Guessing how many calories you’re eating is not a good fat loss method. You’ll have to measure or count for at least a few weeks until you get a feel for how many calories you’re getting on a daily basis, and what portion sizes look like. The “magic formula” is to take in fewer calories than you burn off. This doesn’t have to be done on a daily basis, necessarily, but you should be in a caloric deficit at least weekly.

What to Eat

apple or donut

What kinds of foods you eat also matters. If you’re constantly eating processed and manmade foods, then your body will not have the strength and vital nutrients needed for healthy weight loss. Nourishing yourself with fresh whole natural food sources will provide your body with the building blocks it needs to stay healthy while releasing extra body fat.

When to Eat


A good rule of thumb is to eat when you’re hungry. If you are not hungry for breakfast in the morning, don’t force yourself to eat. It is important, though, to feed yourself properly after your workouts. This is the time period in which your body requires protein and carbohydrates to rebuild. Try a post workout shake or a small meal with a carbohydrate and protein source right after your workouts to preserve your hard earned muscle mass.

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