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4 Simple Fixes to Improve Your Daily Diet

The word “diet” can sometimes be stressful because people think that it has to be a total overhaul of your daily habits and doing without all of the foods you love. But the best way to get yourself on the path to lasting health, instead of temporary fasts, is to make small modifications that eventually turn into a lifestyle! Adopt these 4 simple fixes that will get you on the right path, and looking and feeling good – for good!

1. Buy Fruits and Veggies

It sounds pretty simple…and it should be! If you are at the grocery store or farmer’s market, fill up your basket with the healthy things first. Buy a variety of vegetables that you can mix into soups, salads, or just munch on for a healthy snack. If you need some ideas for tasty recipes, try our crunchy veggies and blue cheese salad for a quick and satisfying meal. Same goes with fruit – buy it and you’ll eat it! Keep it at your desk for a healthy mid-day snack, or mix it in to your breakfast cereal for a little natural sugar! It’s just human nature – you’ll be more likely to eat what you have at home, so buy the healthy greens and berries, and stay away from the snack aisle. Your body will thank you!

2. Switch Your Drinks

Start by simply drinking water instead of a sugary soda when you’re out at a restaurant. This will not only cut the calories, but it will cut your bill! When you’re at home, make herbal teas or refreshing fruit flavored waters that can help with weight loss. Our strawberry detox water is perfect because it not only tastes good, but it’s cleaning your body as well. If you’re not convinced of all the benefits of drinking water, read here and we’re sure you’ll start drinking more of this magical liquid!

3. Choose Healthy Carbs

You don’t have to totally give up carbs to have a healthy diet and look great – you just have to choose the right ones. Switch out any white breads for whole grain varieties that have fiber and nutrients that will help you feel full and will nourish your body. Same goes for rice and pasta; choose brown rice or whole wheat pasta if you need some carbs to fuel your day. Making these simple adjustments will keep you feeling satisfied with your meals and less likely to snack on unhealthy choices!


4. Don’t Skip Meals

That’s right! Starving yourself is not the way to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eat throughout the day according to your schedule and exercise plan to stay on the right track. Studies show that when you skip meals, you are more likely to binge on sweets and snacks that aren’t healthy and only satisfy a craving. Definitely eat breakfast, and carry fruit or veggies with you for snacks on the go. Our Nutrition bars are also a healthy way to nourish yourself throughout the day!

When you improve your daily diet plan, you’ll feel better and that is the best reassurance you can get from your body. Implementing these small changes in your daily diet will definitely encourage you to keep going and stay on the path to lasting fitness!

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