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5 Easy Steps to Detox After a Sugar Binge


Maybe you went to a birthday party with candy, cake and party favors at every turn, or had a girls’ getaway and splurged on too many sugary cocktails by the pool and had a bit of a sugar overload. Whatever the reason for sugar binge, it’s important to get back on track right away. Acknowledge that you may have a headache, feel a sugar buzz, feel wired, or sleepy because of this calorie overload and take steps to get your body feeling better. You might also experience feelings of shame, frustration, hopelessness, regret, or anger. But don’t beat yourself up – it happens to all of us, so don’t delay and take these easy steps to detox after a sugar binge.


Then hydrate again. You’ve got to keep your body hydrated because keeping the body properly hydrated encourages your body to flush out the toxins you just put in it. Water is a powerful detoxifier because it assists the kidneys and colon to eliminate waste and being hydrated helps oxygen to flow freely throughout the body. This allows you to be more attentive, alert and focused on getting back on track. Hydration means drinking water or herbal teas. Stay away from coffee, caffeinated teas or energy drinks and aim for 64 to 100 ounces of water to flush out the pollutants. Add some lemon to your water for an added detox helper.

Reduce your salt intake

Unfortunately, when you eat salty foods, your body craves sugar. It becomes a vicious cycle that may put you into sugar binging mode again. So the easiest way to get back on track is to eliminate salty foods like chips, sauces, fried foods, and packaged or canned foods that have loads of sodium added for flavor.

Eat whole food

Once you start feeling like your stomach is settled, have some whole food. Definitely don’t fast or starve. Eat meals that contain tons of good protein and fat like nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Protein and fat are more difficult to digest, and will make you feel fuller longer. That way you’ll be less likely to have a craving for a sugary snack.

Go pro

Eating probiotic rich foods like kombucha, fermented(but not salty) vegetables, yogurt, kefir, can also help settle and support your digestion. When you eat too much sugar, your internal digestive system is out of balance, and these foods help you feel better and detox quicker. Try our recipe for Mediterranean stuffed grape leaves with cucumber-yogurt sauce that has lots of ingredients to get back on track after that sugar binge.


Vitamin up!

Your body is depleted of minerals and nutrients from being overloaded with sugar and other empty calories, so while you’re getting your body back to normal, pop a multivitamin. Take one with every meal for the first couple of days after your sugar binge and then once you’re feeling better, go back to having them once a day or to whatever schedule you prefer.

Diet mishaps do happen occasionally, but it’s best to know how to handle them the healthy way. But don’t get into the habit of sugar binging and detoxing because it will only harm your body in the long run. Visit our website for healthy recipes that you can use to feel better today!

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