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5 Fat Burning Foods for Women

One of the best things you can do for your weight loss plan is to eat foods that give you a boost! It’s hard to cut out all of your favorite foods and stay focused, But you can accelerate your weight loss with these fat burning foods and work them into your daily diet. Here’s our top picks!


Of course this popular green should always be included in your diet, but when you’re looking for fat burning foods, this is one of the best! Spinach is full of fiber, which makes it important for your weight loss plan. Fiber fills you up and keeps you full longer, allowing your body to burn fat in the meantime. If you want to try a tasty recipe with this superfood, here’s our Mixed Berry Spinach Salad that is perfect for a lunch time meal! shutterstock_275793086


This spice is one of our favorites and we use it in baked goods, oatmeal, smoothies, and even in some of our meat dishes. Cinnamon has a compound called cinnamaldehyde that boosts metabolism and burns fat, good news for all of us on a diet plan! Sprinkle it on just about anything for these benefits and of course flavor, or try our recipe for Cinnamon Roll Smoothie which sounds decadent, but is super nutritious!



If you like a little spice in your diet, well then you’re in luck because jalapeƱos not only add a bit of kick to your foods, they are also a top fat burner and metabolism booster. The chemical known as “capsaicin” is what gives these hot peppers their tongue scorching properties. Try them in our Cilantro Lime Dressing that tastes delicious drizzled on a salad, over meats and fish, and even over grilled veggies – YUM!



Citrus fruits of all types help burn fat, and this pretty pink fruit is no exception. Always a breakfast favorite, grapefruits have been shown to accelerate weight loss and are high in vitamins A and C. Studies by the Scripps Clinic show that dieters who ate whole grapefruits lost more weight than those who drank only the juice or took a grapefruit capsule. So slice one open for your breakfast tomorrow!



And speaking of breakfast, this early morning fat burning food should definitely be on your menu. Make sure it’s not the instant kind and feel free to top it with berries, cinnamon, chopped apples, and even a drizzle of flax seed oil to make it a super nutritious start to your day. Oatmeal helps burn fat and suppress appetite by activating the hormone cholecystokinin. This hormone makes us feel full and eliminates that desire to overeat. If you want to try some creative ways to work oatmeal into your diet, try our recipe for Carrot Oatmeal Cookies that have lots of nutrients, and of course flavor!


Enjoy these popular fat burning foods and watch your weight drop day by day. Get creative in the kitchen and try some more of our delicious and healthy recipes here on our blog!


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