5 Things to Consider When Joining a Gym

Now that you’ve set a goal of working out more, the next step is to find a place where you can easily go to reach your fitness goals. Our list of 5 things to consider when joining a gym will help you figure out what’s important to you and some helpful questions to ask the staff when you’re visiting some gyms in your neighborhood. Let’s go!

1. Will It Work with My Schedule?

Are you an early morning person and want to head to the gym before you go to work? Or are you a night-owl who wants to hit the gym when it’s quiet and most of the world is asleep? Find out the gyms operating hours, typical holiday schedule, and a schedule of their fitness classes, too. If you want to do some yoga after work, but your gym only offers a morning class session, then maybe you should consider another gym. Ask about weekend hours too so you can sneak in some workout time on your days off!

2. How Does It Feel?

Most gyms will offer you a tour and sometimes a free day pass to their gym so that you can get a sense of how it feels and the overall vibe. Definitely take advantage of it! You’ll want to see how comfortable you are with the crowd, the equipment, cleanliness, and any staff that you might need to ask for assistance. If you’re not feeling the place, then you’re less likely to go and we don’t want that! There’s so many different types of gyms now, from cross-fit studios to women’s only fitness centers, so take the time to find one that you like and feels like a community that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

3. What is Your Policy?

Ask questions up front before signing any paperwork and joining a contract. What are the policies for bringing a guest, or if you have to pay extra for yoga classes? Knowing these things up front will help you get a better sense of if the gym is right for you. Also, do you travel a lot for work? Ask about their cancellation or vacation policy on membership fees. Many gyms will freeze your membership dues while you’re out of town on vacation, or may even do so for medical issues. Get the info up front so you’re informed before making a decision.

4. What Other Amenities Do They Offer?

Do you want to bring your kids to the gym while working out? Or maybe you need some coaching from a personal trainer? Ask the sales representative about on-site babysitting services and any extra fees you’ll have to pay if you use the service. If you want the assistance of a personal trainer, find out their qualifications and fees to see if you want to take advantage of that service. Some gyms also offer amenities like juice bars, healthy cafes, bathroom and shower facilities, valet parking, and many other services that make going to the gym a total experience! Find out what your gym offers and definitely use what’s available.


5. The Fine Print

Make sure you know the cost of everything before signing up. Will your dues be monthly, yearly, and are there any discounts for referring a friend? Or maybe you want to join with your spouse or a neighbor? Find out if there are any packages or family discounts that are offered. And make sure you know how much extra amenities and classes cost, too. It’s no fun to be caught off guard with extra fees that you didn’t know about before signing the contract. Know what you’re getting ahead of time and you’ll be happy with the gym, and your fitness results, too!

Know that you’ve got a handy checklist of questions to ask when joining a gym, get online and find some spots near you where you can begin your new fitness plan!

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