5 Things You Need to Know about Liver Detox


There’s a few different ways you can clean out your system, and a liver detox is one of the healthy ways to get your body back on track. Did you know that your liver is the second hardest working organ in your body after your heart? That’s right! This cleaning and excreting powerhouse does a lot to keep your body working properly and your energy at high levels, so you want to do your best to keep it functioning properly.

But how do you know if you need a liver detox? Here’s some signs that this organ might need some attention:

    • abdominal pain near your rib cage
    • excessiver perspiration
    • acne and/or itchy skin
    • abdominal fat and bloating

When opting to do a liver detox, here are five things to know!

  1. Get sour: Starting your day with lemon juice and warm water is a great way to wake up your liver and get sluggish bowels moving. The citric sourness of the lemon activates hormone in the liver and digestive system. And this is an easy thing that you can do; just mix fresh juice from half a lemon with warm water in a tea cup and start washing the toxins away!
  2. Spice it up: Your pantry should have one of our favorite spices – turmeric. This spice has anti-inflammatory properties that will keep liver infections at bay. Mix it in with your smoothies, soups, or teas for added liver benefits.
  3. Beware of starvation diets: There’s lots of liver detox programs out there, but beware of those that require laxatives and minimal or no food. This is a type of starvation diet that will unfortunately slow down your metabolism. Laxatives can cause dehydration, deplete electrolytes, and impair liver and digestive functions.
  4. Food friendly: Go for the food, just make sure they are liver friendly, when doing a cleanse. Opt for artichoke, grapefruit, walnuts, and apples to facilitate a good detox. And definitely stay away from sugars, alcohol, fat, and preservatives which will only do damage to your liver.
  5. Symptom check: While doing a liver detox, your body is eliminating toxins from fat cells and these go into the bloodstream, causing some funky symptoms. If you’re experiencing headaches, diarrhea, body odor, fatigue, or similar symptoms, this is normal. But if you have preexisting liver or kidney diseases, check with your doctor before doing a liver detox.

One of the best ways to stay healthy and keep your liver in optimal condition is to eat low-fat, whole foods that are organic. For recipes to help your body function properly and keep your weight loss under control, check out our blog at!

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