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5 Ways to Spot a Diet Scam

There’s plenty of fad diets that show up every season promising miracle weight loss with their pills, drinks, creams, or programs. But how do you spot a fake diet and make sure that what you’re spending your money on isn’t a diet scam? There’s a few ways to make sure that what you are using to lose weight isn’t doing serious damage to your body or wallet. Here’s 5 tips:

  1. Promises permanent weight loss: No pill or shake is going to keep your weight off forever. Even people who have had their stomachs stapled to reduce the weight still gain some back if they haven’t changed their eating habits and exercise routine. Nothing is permanent unless you change your behavior.
  2. You don’t have to do anything: Many diet scams will say that all you have to do is plunk down a certain number of payments to have that dream weight. But sorry – you are going to have to change your diet and add some exercise into your day to see lasting weight loss.
  3. Irreversible damage: Sometimes a fake diet plan is just that – fake. What you end up buying are herbs or laxatives that can sometimes upset your metabolism or do lasting damage to your digestive tract. Make sure that what you are using has organic, healthful ingredients that are not going to do more damage than good.
  4. Questionable testimonials: Are the testimonials on the website just quotes from anonymous “clients”? If the diet scam you’re thinking about buying doesn’t have validated testimonials by a third party site, then maybe you should reconsider purchasing it.
  5. Unreasonable claims: We know you’ve heard the old saying, “if it’s too good to be true, then it is”…well this also applies to a diet scam that sounds unreasonable. If the weight loss plan is promising “miracle” results of losing over 20 pounds in 2 weeks, or that you can eat whatever you want and lose weight, it’s probably a scam.

Tips for getting a safe, reliable diet plan:

  • Make sure the company makes reasonable claims
  • The weight loss plan should be a healthy mix of eating right and exercising
  • Testimonials are validated through a 3rd party resource

Viance weight loss products are all of these and we use organic, plant-based products to ensure a healthy and holistic way to lose weight. Don’t succumb to diet scams and instead check out our products page at!

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