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5 ways to stay active during the winter.

It’s almost that magical time of year again.  Soon there will be a thick blanket of snow separating you from your favorite outdoor activities. Don’t panic just yet you still have two options, first you can start preparing your body to sleep for the next seven months, or you can try some of these fun winter activities. 

5. Skiing.


Both skiing and snowboarding are great activities for getting you out of the house and will benefit you both mentally and physically. Just getting outside can have a huge effect on your mental health, winter can have a big impact on people who consume sunlight like a drug. Skiing also helps you refine your motor skills. This is how the University of New Hampshire describes the benefits of skiing, “skiing is a proprioceptive activity. Proprioception is an aspect of fitness that is defined as one’s ability to feel the position of different body parts and the effort that goes into moving them.” Anyone who has ever spent a day on the slopes will tell you about the aerobic benefits of skiing. You can burn far more calories in a day of skiing than you ever could in an afternoon at the gym, up to 3,000 from a big day on the slopes. 

4. Winter Walks.


Much like skiing, simply going for a walk can benefit you both mentally and physically. The toughest part about going for a winter walk is just getting outside. Unlike skiing, going for a walk is free and is one of the healthiest forms of exercise you can possibly get. Walking lowers stress, burns calories, helps your respiratory health and even fights osteoporosis. Walking in cold weather burns more fat than walking in warm weather, your body can burn up to 400 calories an hour simply shivering. Walking in the snow  provides a great texture for walking but can be pretty slick so maybe stick to walking. 


3. Ice Skating. 


Something about trying not to fall down while you have knives strapped to feet really gets your body working. If you haven’t noticed by now, winter can be kind of a bummer.  It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of Netflix and comfort food. Activities like ice skating get you out of the house and gets you involved in something fun, social, physical and will certainly force you to work on your balance. With a little practice and dedication you will become a regular Tonya Harding.


The Inquisitr

4. Home workout routine.



If you happen to be a self motivated person, a home work out routine can save time and money, while providing great results. Assuming you have enough space to move around in your home, this is a good route to take if you’re short on time or don’t enjoy exercising in public. Home fitness programs have come a long way since Richard Simmons taught the world how to party off the pounds. You can get into just about any type of fitness regiment you can imagine, all in the privacy of your own home. Choosing the right program can be quite daunting so we compiled a list of a few poplar programs along with links to some great unbiased reviews of each program thanks to .

10-Minute Trainer 


21-Day Fix


Beachbody Country Heat


Body Beast


Brazilian Butt Lift



5. Find a fitness program.   

shutterstock_425564155If you struggle to motivate yourself, finding a structured program with an instructor might be the way to go. When it comes to finding a fitness class you have a lot of  options, you can join a yoga class, spin class, jiu jitsu, crossfit,  get a personal trainer or just about thing you can think of.  These programs remove the uncertainty of creating your own workout routine every time you go to the gym. A professional fitness regiment will boost your results and prevent you from getting stuck in a rut. If you have a good instructor they will not only teach you proper form and technique but motivate you in a way few people can motivate themselves. You will also find these programs form a tight group or community that also help you achieve your fitness goals, free of judgment.  Check out this awesome guide from gorecess on trying a new fitness class. 




Bonus activity: Cross country snowboarding 

Ever since the first snowboarder hit the slopes there has been feud between skiers and snowboards. That’s no reason to completely ignore the competitive world of cross country snowboarding. Sometimes the only way to beat the winter blues is to get a little creative.



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