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6 Fast Food Items That Really AREN’T Healthy For You

The latest trend in fast food menus is marketing to moms who are headed to the drive-thru with their kids, or folks on a lunch break who are looking for a quick meal. With this new trend, fast food companies are selling salads, wraps, and fruit to appeal to diet-conscious patrons. But beware! Not everything is at it seems with these fast food items; some of them can be deceptive and are really not that good for you so be careful!




Lots of fast food companies are putting wraps on the menu. But pay attention to what is wrapped up inside of that white flour tortilla – it could derail your weight loss plan in one bite. Some have sauces that are full of sodium and fat, while others have cheese or bacon bits to add flavor. If you really want to go the healthy route with these wraps, get your meat grilled and go sauce-free.

Fruit Parfaits


Added to the list of breakfast items at most fast food restaurants is the fruit and yogurt parfait. Marketed as a healthy alternative to those greasy egg sandwiches, this deceptively “healthy” item sometimes has more calories than the ice cream sundaes on the menu. The yogurt is often full of sugar, artificial flavors, and colors, while the granola is also full of sugar, and sometimes the fruit is drowned in sugary syrup. To cut back on the calories and have a quick healthy breakfast on the ready, try our Make-ahead no-cook oatmeal & fruit jar. It’s got loads of fiber to keep you full but without all of the fat and calories that you will find on a fast food version.

Veggie Subs


Think you’re doing a good job because you’re ordering the veggie submarine? Well unfortunately there’s not much nutritional value to these subs. With only a few slices of veggies on the sandwich, there’s often more fat with the cheese and mayo, not to mention the empty carbs from the fluffy white sandwich bun. A sandwich like this will have you feeling hungry again before you know it because there’s no protein and little fiber. Opt for whole grain bread and get a slice of lean turkey to go with those veggie slices. Or try our Avocado tuna salad sandwich that you can make ahead and take in your lunch box!



Yup, this is on the list too. If the salads were on a bed of spinach and kale that would be one thing, but they’re probably on a bed of iceberg lettuce which doesn’t offer much nutritional value and won’t fill you up because there’s no fiber. And the salad dressing options aren’t favorable either. When your salad is drowned in fatty ranch dressing, or sugary honey mustard, your weight loss plan is derailed in one bite. Instead, try bringing your own dressing – we have a bunch of healthy options here!


Bowls of any kind


Usually these bowls are marketed as a healthy alternative to a sandwich or burger, but they can have twice as many carbs with that bed of white rice that they’re sitting on top of! Think your broccoli and beef is a healthy option? Not so fast – the sauce that is used to make the broccoli and beef has tons of sodium – usually more than your daily recommended value. If you can, build your own bowl and start with brown rice and top with sautéed or steamed veggies instead of those drowning in sauce. Add some grilled chicken to get a healthy dose of protein and there you have a nutritious lunch bowl – yum!

Apples & caramel



Fast food marketers know that we’ll focus on the fruit in this item and forget all about the calorie rich caramel sauce that comes with it. We’re all in denial sometimes! But ditch the sweet sauce and just enjoy the fruit. There’s fiber and natural sugar in the apples and you’ll feel fuller after enjoying this snack instead of a candy bar or other dessert option. If you’re always on the go and want a healthy snack handy, try our Viance Nutrition bars that have 10 grams of organic protein and 100% all natural ingredients. You can’t go wrong with this nutritious option!

If you have a favorite fast food place, download their menu from the internet and read the ingredients and see which ones are really the healthiest. That way, if you really need to head to the drive thru, you know what your safe options are and won’t be misled by the sneaky marketing tricks of the fast food companies.


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