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7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Daily Carb Intake

Low-fat and low-carb products are flooding the market, which is an indicator of their high demand. However, you shouldn’t be misled by the fact that our body needs adequate amount of fats and carbohydrates to function normally. In other words, we should not completely eliminate carbohydrates and fats. Instead, we have to set limitations, eat more vegetables, and practice a balance diet. Start with these 7 simple ways to reduce your carb intake!

1. Cook your own food.

This way you can be assured that the food you are eating is aligned to your goals. Whip up some recipes that you think are best fitted to your diet and substitute white carbs like white rice and white bread for whole grain and whole wheat versions.

2. Minimize frying your food, and instead try broiling or baking.

It is very common to use starch in battering meat and veggies, even though we know flour contains extra carbohydrates beyond what our body requires. Choose to bake meat and fish using egg with herbs and other spices to satisfy your taste, or even steam! Try our recipe for Salmon & Asparagus in foil that is super healthy and tasty!

3. Eat more protein.

Meats, poultry, and seafood are less on carbohydrates and more on proteins. These are very popular to those who are practicing low-carb diets and want a more balanced diet. Enjoy this recipe for Thai Steak Salad which offers a good mix of veggies and sumptuous steak for a well rounded meal.

4. Cut your craving of eating packed and processed food.

These foods are known to have high contents of simple sugars such as glucose and sucrose (normally found in granulated sugar and fruits). Processed meat such as ham, bacon, luncheon meat and hotdogs are also filled with sugar and starch as fillers and flavor additives.

5. Shy away from sweets.

Do not tempt yourself with pastry and confectionery products! They might taste like heaven but bring nothing good to your health. We already know these products contain loads of artificial sweeteners that don’t help us in our health plans. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, enjoy this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Brownies that is chock full of veggies. Yum!

6. Drink water rather than filling yourself with sodas.

Drinking too much soft drinks will not only put you at risk for diabetes, it also has no nutritional contents and it will fill you with unhealthy carbs. It is best to drink fruit juices made of natural ingredients. If you want a refreshing drink that’s low on carbs, try our Strawberry Detox water that is nutritious and delicious.


7. Avoid dairy products.

Dairy products are high in carbohydrates regardless of classification, even the low-fat or fat-free brands. Cheese is a form of dairy product that is noted to have low carb content and high in protein. However, excessive intake of this product will increase the likelihood of developing heart problems because of its high saturated fat and cholesterol content. So eat this carb in moderation.

If you have difficulty following a regimen on your own, try the Viance program to get on track. We can assure you of a healthy and all-natural program to reduce your daily carb intake and get rid of food cravings once and for all!

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