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8 Deliciously Simple Pre-Workout Snacks

Luckily, smartly timed snacks can give the body the fuel it needs to gain muscle, burn fat, and recover as best it can. So if you’re exercising regularly, you’ll want to enjoy some of these pre-workout snacks to stay healthy during your routine. Eat these snacks about 30-60 minutes in advance, depending on the size and contents, and the type of workout you’ll be doing. From healthy carbs for an energy boost to protein for staying power, these snacks are tasty and nutritious!

1. Oat Mix

Load up on carbohydrates for a longer workout with ½ cup cooked steel cut oats topped with 1 tablespoon dried fruit and 1 tablespoon shaved almonds. If you’re looking for something that you can prep ahead of time if you have an early morning workout, try our recipe for Make Ahead No Cook Oatmeal & Fruit Jar

2. Yogurt & Berries

For the perfect blend of carbs and protein, try 1 cup non-fat vanilla bean Greek yogurt — which often packs more protein and probiotics than regular plain yogurt — with ½ cup fresh blueberries. Or try our recipe for Berry Parfait with Yogurt for a delicious pre-training snack.

3. Energy Bar

With so many options in the health food aisle, try opting for a bar with the most natural ingredients. While protein count is key, you want to pay attention to sugar content, as well. Our Nutrition bars are the perfect pre-workout snack because they have 10 grams of protein, are low sugar, and have lots of fiber to help you feel full and fuel your workout.

4. Turkey Avocado Pasta

If you’ve got a heftier workout coming up, add 2-4 ounces of roasted turkey and 3-4 avocado slices to ½ cup cooked whole-wheat pasta for a wholesome meal before your afternoon run. This is a great idea for a mid-day lunch if you have an afternoon workout and need more time to digest the complex carbs and protein.

5. Apple and Peanut Butter

For a quick carb fuel-up, slice 1 medium apple and serve with 2 tablespoons all-natural peanut butter. This is easy to keep in your gym bag or at your desk and has a good mix of carbs and protein. 


6. “Sweet” Rice

Got a long way to run and want to satisfy your sweet tooth, too? Fuel up with ½ cup cooked brown rice, covered with ½ cup low fat milk or unsweetened almond milk, a scatter of raisins, and a dash of cinnamon for a sweet treat before your exercise routine.

7. Banana

Probably the easiest one on this list, bananas are an excellent grab and go option before a workout. Bananas have high quality complex carbohydrates that are the best source of energy prior to a workout. Not only does a banana contain carbohydrates to fuel your workout, but it’s also rich in potassium which can help to prevent muscle cramps during exercise.

8. Berries & Cottage Cheese

This tasty snack is easy to make and includes a good source of carbohydrates from the fruit as well as lean protein from the cottage cheese. Mix it up by adding blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries which also pack a powerful punch with their antioxidants. 

Whatever snack you choose, eating right before your workout will keep you on track to your weight loss goals so that you feel and look better!

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