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8 Healthy Alternatives to Candy This Halloween

Holidays are always a parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to nutrition for kids. Whether it’s cupcakes, candy, or some other sugary treat, it’s customary to celebrate with an overload of unhealthy treats. So how do you encourage healthy choices at Halloween? There’s a few ways you can ensure that your little goblins enjoy their treats without overdosing on sugar.

1. Fruit

This one’s obvious, but get creative and instead of handing out an apple to everyone, what about boxes of raisins or applesauce cups? Snack packets of dried fruit or juice boxes are a good idea, too and it’s something they can even pack for their lunch the next day.

2. Cereal bars

Most kids love cereal, so providing some healthy alternatives to candy is welcome by trick-or-treaters of all ages. Hand out cereal bars, granola packets, or even small boxed cereal as a fun surprise!

3. Sugarless gum

The good thing about chewing gum is that it stimulates saliva, which fights tooth decay. And most kids love getting gum in their candy bags, so you’ll see smiles all around


4. Pretzels

Snack pack sized pretzels are perfect to satisfy that crunch and when your little goblin needs a healthy treat. Another crunchy alternative to pretzels is goldfish crackers, which most kids love.

5. Craft items

How about going the non-food route and handing out pencils, stickers, markers, erasers, crayon packs, playdoh, coloring books, or other arts and crafts materials that will entertain the children long after the candy is gone.

6.  Halloween Accessories

Another example of healthy alternatives to candy is handing out fun toys and accessories that the kids can play with immediately. Think spider rings, sparkly hair ties for girls, temporary tattoos, glow sticks, and vampire fangs. These will keep Halloween going after the holiday is over!

7. Toys

Kids, and parents, love getting toys. Yo-yos, mini-cars, balls, slinkies, card games, or bubbles are all fun things that the children can play with while the parents are hiding the oodles of candy that they’ve gotten from everyone else!

8. “Dentist” on the block

And last but definitely not least, you can be the house on the block that gives out dental gear – the parents will love you! Give out items to keep those pearly whites shiny after they’ve eaten all the candy. How about travel size toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. Even throw in a travel size water bottle if your little goblins want to brush their teeth on the go. Say Cheese!


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