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8 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day!


Calories are the things that sneak up on you and can ruin any well-intentioned diet plan. Here’s some easy ways to cut them out of your diet without feeling too much sacrifice. Get started today and watch the pounds melt off!

Breakfast cereal


Eat high-fiber cereal with half a cup of fiber-rich raspberries instead of a cream cheese covered bagel and cut at least 500 calories. Fiber contains zero calories and adds bulk to your breakfast so you feel full until lunch time!

Chew on this


Did you know that people who chew their food 40 times instead of the average 15 consumed 12% fewer calories.? How this works is that your body produces lower levels of ghrelin the longer you chew. And what does gherlin do? It’s the hormone that signals the brain when you are satisfied, so by chewing at a slower pace you’ll feel full while eating less.

Not so happy hour


You know those yummy cocktails that come around? Well they’re loaded with calories! Cut out the sugary mixers and enjoy your liquor on the rocks or with a splash of natural juice or tonic water and each drink drops to about 50 calories. 

Netflix and calories…


Do not eat in front of the TV! You’ll end up eating up to 288 calories more, according to research from the University of Massachusetts. Instead, eat at the table, and then go for an hour walk after your meal. On average, that’s 520 calories burned.

Sneaky salads

sneaky salad

Salad for lunch does not mean “healthy” if it’s covered in salad bar toppings like cheese crumbles, caramelized nuts, bacon, dried fruit, croutons, and creamy dressings. Save 500 or more calories by having a vinaigrette dressing and adding flavorful but lower-cal veggies like roasted bell peppers, grilled onions, or mushrooms.

Drink Water


Ditch your soda and sugary energy drinks once and for all. Depending on what you’re usually drinking, you will cut at least 500 calories by switching to a better alternative: water!

Cut out the “coffee” drinks


You know that caramel drizzled, whipped cream, espresso thing you’re drinking…well it’s loaded with calories. Cut the toppings and you easily cut 500 calories from all of the sugar. If coffee is really what you need, enjoy an espresso with some soy or almond milk instead.

Use a smaller plate


People who do this end up eating 25% less than they would if they ate on a standard size dinner plate. Save those for the holidays and try eating off of a salad plate. If you’re still not full, wait 10 minutes before getting that second helping. You’ll be surprised how full you get off of a smaller serving.

Now that you have some new tips on how to cut calories, you’ll start noticing the pounds coming off naturally!

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