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Our human body is a miraculous engine of regeneration, rebuilding itself entirely every two years, and 98% in less than 365 days. Our skin, the body’s largest organ, renews inself once every month. Our brain, with its 100 billion neurons –equal to the number of stars in our Milky Way Galaxy– regenerates each and every cell once a year. At Viance we have created our all-natural products and programs to work deep at the cellular level to help repair damaged cells and provide healthy cells with the nutrients needed to maximize your body’s ongoing rebuilding process and increase energy for a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle. 
Our Vitality Blend Antioxidant Shake, for example, is packed with energy producing Superfoods that are key to the body’s regeneration such as organic goji berries, brown flax seed, chia seed, mangosteen, and pomegranate to name a few. High in protein and fiber, this low-glycemic meal replacer is fortified with vitamins and minerals that work on the cellular level to give your body the essential nutrients needed for healthy and vibrant new cell growth.
The Viance omega Greens Formula drink contains over 70 vitamin and poly nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and super-foods including acai berry, mangosteen, pomegranate, carrots, alalfa, blueberry, flax seed, elderberry, apple pectin fiber and many more that provide you with the vitamins, fatty acids and disease fighting antioxidants needed to maximize rejuvenation. 
A healthy complimentary diet of superfoods (beans, blueberries, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkin, salmon, soy, spinach, green or black tea, tomatoes, turkey, walnuts, yogurt) along with daily exercise, allowing time for rest, relaxation, and striving for a positive mental attitude all assist healthy cellular regeneration and will help you lose and maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer. 
How we care for ourselves can have a huge impact on our body’s amazing rebuilding potential.
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