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Add Weight Lifting to Your Weight Loss Program

Your weight loss program will definitely benefit from the addition of weight lifting. A solid weight loss program should help you build metabolically active muscle and reshape your body. Cardio alone will help you burn extra calories, but to truly transform your physique, you must add some form of weight training to your program.

Reshape Your Weight Loss Program

Many people embark on a weight loss program without considering lifting weights. In fact, some people, mainly women, are afraid of getting too bulky from weight lifting. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Muscle is what gives your figure shape. When you incorporate lifting into your program, you add muscle to your frame, which not only reshapes your body, but increases your body’s caloric needs. If you want to get that shapely toned look, weights are the answer.

Muscles and Metabolism

Muscle tissue is metabolically active. What does this mean? It means that muscle tissue burns calories, whereas other body tissues, like fat, for example, do not burn calories of their own accord. So, for fast weight loss, ideally, you should aim to add muscle to your body so you raise your base metabolic rate. This will enable you to burn more calories at rest than you did before, when you had less muscle. In the long run, this is an easy way to burn more calories every day without doing any extra work.

The Best Weight Loss Program

A well rounded weight loss program will most likely have you performing some assortment of cardiovascular exercise, doing some type of weight lifting several times a week, and consuming a low to moderate calorie healthy diet. For healthy weight loss program, you want to make sure you include all of these objectives.

If you don’t add weight, you may just become a smaller version of your “old” self. People sometimes refer to this as “skinny fat”. Your body fat levels may still not be ideal because the ratio of muscle to fat on your body is skewed. By adding muscle over time through consistent weight lifting, you can change the percentages of body fat versus muscle on your body. And, while you’re at it, you can shape your muscles to give yourself that healthy toned appearance coveted by so many.

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