The Benefits of Gluten Free Bars

Gluten free bars have become very popular in the last few years. Many people now search for gluten free bars and other gluten free foods as part of a healthy weight loss program. Why are gluten free bars so enticing and what makes them different from regular healthy bars?

What’s So Different about a Gluten Free Bar?

Gluten free bars typically will not contain any form of gluten. While you may automatically think of wheat when you think of gluten, wheat is not the only culprit. There are many other grains that also contain the protein gluten; like barley and rye for example. Gluten is also present in many seasonings, prepared and processed foods, sauces like soy sauce, and even malt flavoring. When you make gluten free bars a part of your healthy diet program, they can serve as a tasty snack or a delicious meal replacement. And, you won’t have to worry about missing an ingredient that may contain gluten.

What’s the Problem with Gluten?

Gluten may not be all bad. The problem is that many people, although they don’t have a full blown gluten allergy, may be gluten sensitive. People who absolutely cannot eat gluten are those with Celiac disease. Gluten makes them physically sick, and can be life threatening over time. For others, they may simply have a gluten allergy. This means it’s best if they stay away from gluten filled products. Then, there are those who may simply be sensitive to gluten.

Gluten sensitive people might just suffer from some side effects and not even realize these ailments are primarily caused by gluten. Symptoms may include migraines, bloating, stomach aches, joint pain, asthma and more.

What to Do

People with celiac disease have to eliminate gluten from their diets, and those with allergies will want to pass on it too. However, those who are sensitive to gluten could benefit by removing it from their diets and then determine how they feel. Gluten free bars are the perfect way to get a healthy and nutritious meal or snack, but skip the gluten altogether.

Even if you think you don’t have an issue with gluten, you too, could benefit from adding some gluten free foods to your normal diet. You may even feel better because of it.

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