Daily Dupe – Is My Chicken Slowly Killing Me?

Daily Dupe – Is My Chicken Slowly Killing Me?

You feel good about eating meats like chicken breast and turkey, because its leaner, lower in saturated fat and healthier. Not so fast. There’s something more worrisome than the amount of fat in your meat.

Arsenic is a chemical element that is also a metalloid and is notoriously poisonous to animals and humans alike. Even small amounts of arsenic, if not lethal, are carcinogenic or cancer promoting. Since the early 20th century, arsenic has been used in insecticides, and one example is lead hydrogen arsenate that was sprayed on fruit trees. Unfortunately, this particular insecticide was shown to cause brain damage in those who worked in orchards and came in contact with the insecticide because they sprayed the fruit trees. It was finally officially banned from the US in 1988 (some 40 years after being found to be so dangerous)! Not to mention that the arsenic could not be washed off of the fruit!

You may be thinking, “Good! That insecticide is gone, now we don’t have to worry about arsenic.” Think again. Arsenic is used as a feed additive in the poultry and pork industries because it makes the animals gain weight (from less feed I might add!!) and makes their meat look pinker, making you think it’s fresher.

In 2009, a law called the Poison-Free Poultry Act, was proposed to ban this feed additive, roxarsone, because it revealed that treated chickens contained inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen. As of 2011, roxarsone was replaced with a similar (just as bad) arsenic feed additive, nitarsone. Despite lawsuits pending against the FDA by environmental groups, arsenic feed additives CONTINUE TO BE USED! Arsenic feed additives have NEVER been allowed to be used in the European Union.

The terrible cycle doesn’t stop there. The treated animals house this arsenic in their bodies… then they defecate which contaminates the manure. This contaminated manure makes its way into ground water which eventually makes its way to drinking water (at which point the water is chemically “cleaned”) but arsenic is NOT removed. Then this contaminated water is used to water everything, including crops and fruit trees. And this is why we are having problems with arsenic-laced apple juice and rice.

Cheap food is not always healthy food. Our government needs “Cheap Food”, after all, you can’t pay high taxes if you are spending more money on food costs!!! Food additives are many times approved more so for there economic benefit and the health effects are of a lesser concern.

Until our government finally starts taking care of its citizens and bans the use of terrible, cancer-causing and toxic substances like arsenic feed additives, vote with your dollar and reduce your arsenic exposure by purchasing organic turkeys and chicken.
What do you think? Is it worth spending a little more for organic meat and all-natural feed? We would love to hear your opinion. Please comment below.

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