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Should Your Diet Program Be Based on Your Body Type?


Deciding on a diet program is a personal choice. Yes, a diet program should be designed around your body type, but, you should also factor in other concerns such as lifestyle, activity levels, typical menu and more.

What Are Somatypes?

Often, a diet program will offer a cookie-cutter approach to fast weight loss. However, there are three general types of physiques. Choosing a diet program that favors your body type will be helpful. There are three main somatype categories: endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph. Most of us will fall into more than one category, but will tend to resemble a particular body type more closely.

An endomorph usually has a harder time keeping of fat, but typically builds muscle easily. An ectomorph will be naturally lean. Ectomorphs are known as “hard gainers” because it is difficult for this body type to put on muscle mass.

The mesomorph is the rare specimen who can generally eat whatever they want, work out here and there, and maintain the physique of an athlete. These genetically gifted folks have a strong metabolism and can also pack on muscle mass if desired.

Which Diet Program Is Best For My Body Type?

A diet program that addresses your specific needs, based on your body type, will be best.

An endomorph will benefit from a diet that rotates calories to provide both fat loss (on lower calorie days) and muscle gain (on higher calorie days). Some endomorphs also benefit from lower carb diets and extra cardiovascular exercise.

An ectomorph will need to consume extra calories in order to gain weight. An ectomorph will need plenty of protein for muscle building efforts, while eating just enough carbohydrates to maintain their energy.

A mesomorph may just need to adjust carbohydrates to lose body fat, and increase protein levels slightly to put on muscle.

Am I an Apple or a Pear?

A person with an “apple” shaped body will generally carry more body fat around the waist. A person with a “pear” shaped body is going to store more body fat around the hips and thighs.

While the goal of each person’s diet program may be healthy weight loss, each body type may use different tactics. Apple shaped people often benefit from a lower carb diet, while pear shaped folks will find a lower fat diet more beneficial. Combine your body shape with your somatype to find a diet that is ideal for you.

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