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The Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss

If you want to reshape your physique, fat loss, not just weight loss, should be your focus. How do you make sure that your progress is due to fat loss? You can use several methods to chart your progress, add some lean muscle to your body, and make wise food choices. All of these tactics will help ensure that the weight you shed is coming mostly from fat and not your hard-earned muscle.

How to Measure Your Progress


Fat loss will eventually show up on the scale, but the numbers on the scale can be misleading. When you weigh yourself on the scale, it only tells you your total weight. It doesn’t let you know what percentage of your body is fat, water, or lean tissue.

That’s why it’s important to measure your progress in more than one way. Yes, you can still use the scale, but don’t let that be your only guide. It’s a good idea to also measure your body fat, take your physical measurements, and take pictures.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat


Adding lean muscle to your frame is another way to kick up your fat loss. If you have more muscle, then you will burn more calories on a daily basis. Fat loss will be evident by the way your clothes fit too. Your weight on the scale might remain the same, or only go down slightly over time, but you’ll soon notice that your clothes are looser. That is because you’re putting on muscle (adding weight) while at the same time experiencing fat loss. As mentioned, the scale doesn’t know the difference between fat and muscle, but, everyone will notice the new smaller you, regardless of your weight on the scale.

Clean Up Your Diet


Another way to ensure fat loss is to make sure you’re feeding your body with healthy nutritious foods. You’ll want to include plenty of healthy fats in your diet program too like nuts and nut butters, avocados and olives, coconut oil, and organic butter from grass fed cows. When you include enough fats in your diet, and you choose healthy food options, your body can let go of the extra layer of protective fat it’s been holding onto.

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