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Don’t Derail Your Diet Program

It can be easy to get off track when you’re trying to stick to a diet program. Your diet program may have a couple warning signs, however, that signal it may not be set up for success.

Too Restrictive


Many a diet program start you out with a cleanse or some sort of jump start. This is a good idea as long as the initial cleansing phase of your weight loss program doesn’t last too long. At the beginning of your fat loss journey, you’re most likely to be motivated and ready to go. As time progresses though, and your blood sugar levels drop, it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to a plan that doesn’t offer you enough calories to energize you throughout the day, or even food options from which to choose to keep you interested.

Not Satisfying


A diet program that doesn’t satisfy cravings is also not going to be successful in the long term. Sure, you can restrict yourself to only low carb foods, low fat options, high protein meals and no sugar, no gluten and no processed foods. Eventually though, you’ll probably crave some foods that aren’t on your very restrictive list.

Some foods are more satiating than others. Try to include some of these in your daily diet program. Foods like nuts and seeds, some fruits, and even a delicious dessert-like meal replacement shake can go a long way toward satisfying some of the cravings that you may experience along the way.

No Flexibility


If your diet program doesn’t allow you some flexibility here and there, you will be unlikely to be able to stick with it. The key to staying on track is to include a few treats here and there. Plan on having some of your favorite foods now and then and, when do have them, don’t feel guilty about it.

Enjoying a healthy bar, or a meal replacement shake can also give you variety in your diet and some satisfying alternatives to unhealthy snacks.

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