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Your diet program will only work if you do. Any diet program will run into challenges and setbacks now and then, but the key is to know how to handle these situations when they arise and have a plan in place to get through them.

The “No Time” Excuse

Yes, as it turns out, your diet program is going to require at least a small investment of your time. However, it’s probably not as much as you might think. In fact, the beginning is probably the hardest. You need to take a little time to decide on the best plan for you, decide what kinds of workouts you’ll be able to fit into your lifestyle, and you’ll need to plan your meals.

If you think you don’t have time to exercise, you can choose from a multitude of quick workout programs available. Many programs even allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Several programs also use only your own body weight for the exercises (no equipment needed), so you truly have no excuses for why you can’t work out.

The “I Don’t Know How to Cook” Excuse

Your diet program will require you to make or purchase meals, something you would have to do anyway, even if you weren’t following a diet program. If you can’t cook, or just don’t want to, you can easily include a meal replacement shake or healthy bars for one or two of your meals each day. This will limit the number of meals you have to plan to one a day, and you can even eat that in a restaurant if you have to.

The “No Diet Buddy” Excuse

So, you now know that working out and cooking are going to be the easy parts of your diet program, but, what about support? Well, it turns out, you can’t use that as an excuse anymore either. With the explosion of online internet support communities, you can easily find all the support you need right online, if you don’t have it from friends and family.

And, if you’re not into computers, there are many weight loss groups that meet in local spots and offer support and camaraderie. Just check your local listings for group meetings.

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