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Fast Weight Loss versus Fat Loss

Is fast weight loss possible? Yes, fast weight loss can happen, but you might not lose fat where you want to. In addition, fast weight loss may also cause a reduction in muscle mass and water weight, not just fat loss. The goal is to get a balance of quick weight loss, with most of the loss coming from fat loss.

Can You Spot Reduce?

Technically, you can’t spot reduce. Unfortunately, fat has a mind of its own. You will lose fat first where you deposited it most recently. That means the fat in your “trouble areas” might be the last to go. Your body will strip off fat from newest to oldest; regardless of how much you train a certain area.

Yes, you can tone up certain areas to strengthen and shape the muscle underneath the fat. This might make the area look better. However, the amount of body fat present will remain the same until your overall body-fat levels decrease. Get on a healthy diet program for quick weight loss.

How Is Fat Deposited?

The pattern in which your body deposits fat is genetically determined. Men and women differ in the typical areas prone to fat storage. Both genders are susceptible to belly fat, but women will tend to carry more fat in the lower body region than men.

Men often have a naturally lower body-fat percentage than women, but will carry fat around the midsection, torso, and back.

Your ethnicity may also play a role in where your body stores fat. Some cultures store more fat around their internal organs, while other groups may experience more weight gain in the lower body. Some countries, as a whole, exhibit more of an overall increase in body fat in contrast to depositing it in a certain area.

Fast Weight Loss and Fat Loss

If you can’t spot reduce, and you don’t have control over fat deposits either, is fast weight loss even possible? Yes, by using all natural, preservative free products, you can not only experience quick weight loss, but a renewed sense of vitality as well. Viance Nutrition offers both a Vitality Blend meal replacement shake and healthy bars to get you started.

To explore more information on fast weight loss programs, meal replacement shakes, and healthy bars, be sure to visit Viance Nutrition. Get your own healthy diet program atViance.com.

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