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Fat Loss during Festivities

Fat loss is often derailed during the holiday season. However, armed with a few handy tips, you can continue to experience fat loss throughout the holidays and beyond. Once you learn how to maneuver your way through social situations, you’ll be able to apply these tactics year round for continued fat loss success.

Don’t Leave Home Hungry



Food: don’t leave home without it. Adhering to your fat loss plan doesn’t mean you need to go hungry. In fact, you should purposely not allow yourself to get too hungry. Why is this important? It’s smart because when you’re overcome by hunger, you are much more likely to reach for something quick and convenient; and, that choice may not always be something healthy.

Unless you have a stash of gluten free bars and meal replacement shakes handy, you’ll have to cook up something nutritious before heading out to social events. When you’re full, you’re not as likely to fill up on less nutritious, fattening foods.

Have a Strategy


A good fat loss strategy to employ is to drink several glasses of water and have a small snack before heading out for the night. The water will not only fill you up, but will keep you hydrated in case you decide to have a few cocktails. A light, healthy snack before you leave will also go a long way toward achieving your fat loss goals. Use gatherings as a time to catch up with friends and family, socialize with people you don’t see often, and have a good time without making food the focus.

Choose Wisely


Fat loss can be a breeze if you plan accordingly. Stock up on healthy meal replacement shakes and bars so you have quick options before or during festive events and gatherings. If you do happen to get caught without your healthy snacks, just try to make the best choices you can. Stick to the vegetable trays, fruit platters, and lean protein choices like shrimp cocktail or chicken skewers. Drink a glass of water before each cocktail.

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