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Fitness Secrets from Personal Trainers


With summer right around the corner, we’re all doing whatever we can to stay in shape and get fit. Besides just joining a gym, there’s some things that you should do to get the most out of your fitness plan. Here’s some fitness secrets from personal trainers to help give you a bit of a boost!

Get Fit From the Inside Out


It’s tempting to focus on what you see in the mirror first, but true fitness starts with what is inside your body and mind. Instead of only looking to the scale for feedback, think about how a certain exercise makes you feel — more energetic, healthier, and less stressed? Whatever exercise makes you feel the most positive overall, stick with that one! Not everyone likes a zumba class or a 5 mile hike, so do what you enjoy.

You’ll see the pounds drop off naturally if you seek out and adopt a fitness plan that you enjoy. Always try to find the right workout and schedule until you find exactly what works for you. Doing what you love is the best way to ensure you will be fit for life.

Start Your Day With Exercise

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Even if it means getting up 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in a home routine or a fitness video, do it! For some of us, a busy schedule can derail your workout routine. By scheduling in fitness first thing in the morning, research shows that people who do this actually work out more often. Why does this happen? Because you’re less likely to make excuses when you get it done before something else can get mess up your schedule.

Pump Some Iron

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Personal trainers say that lifting weights, no matter how small, is one of the best fitness secrets out there. Not only are you shaping and sculpting your body, you are preventing injuries and bone diseases like osteoporosis. Specifically, lift heavy weights and do exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. In just 20 minutes of strength training a day, your workout and your body will see major improvements in a short time.

Have a Specific Goal


Is your goal to lose 15 pounds, to run a marathon, or to be able to perform advanced yoga poses? Whatever it is, start with the end goal in mind, and then work backwards to plan out your training program. Planning like this ensures that you’ll know exactly what you need to do to reach your goal and it also keeps you motivated. And share your goals with a trusted friend or your gym buddies. Seeing and sharing your achievements along the way keeps you moving forward to that goal.


Be Efficient


Do workouts that work more muscles in less time. Try interval training where you do a small amount of cardio mixed in with weight training. Or change the speed and incline of your treadmill frequently. If you’re walking outdoors, carry some light free weight, or use ankle weights. Whatever you can do to maximize your time is going to help you.

And try compound exercises. These movements are something that engages every muscle in your body, such as pull-ups, pushups, or planks (as shown in the picture). Compound movements will make you stronger, more energized, and more toned. All things we love!


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