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Five Easy Fat Loss Tricks


Fat loss doesn’t have to be complex. Fat loss can be as simple as adding a few small changes to your daily routine.

Drink More Water

Fat loss can be sped along by using water as a dieting tool. When you drink plenty of water, you will effectively be cleansing your system throughout the day. Cleansing al-lows your body to flush out toxins and poisons and get back to burning off body fat.

Use Lemon

Squeezing fresh lemon juice into your water can be a tremendous help when it comes to cleansing and fat loss. In addition to making your water taste great, the lemon juice is also filled with vitamin C. Vitamin C has been shown to help with weight loss while, at the same time, boosting your immune system. You can also use lemon juice in many other ways, such as adding it to your salad dressing or giving your main course a little extra flavor.

Eat More Protein

Eating protein means not only more satiety, but also more muscle building amino acids for your body. Maintaining your hard-earned muscle mass, while dieting, is a key factor in your long term success. If you lose too much muscle mass while dieting, you will effectively lower your metabolism. This means, after dieting, you’ll gain weight on fewer calories than before, which is obviously not a desirable effect.

Keep an eye on your protein intake to make sure this doesn’t happen. At least 30% of your calories should come from protein sources, and if you’re lifting weights, it’s a good idea to increase that percentage.

Include Fiber

Eating lots of fiber with your meals, or including fibrous fruits and vegetables will also help your body whisk away extra carbohydrates and fat. Fiber is known as “nature’s broom” and can help clean out your body so you can experience greater fat loss on your diet program.

Low Glycemic Carbs

Keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake. When possible, try to include lower glycemic carbs as a regular part of your diet plan so your blood sugar levels remain stable. Stabilized blood sugar will help you to continue your quick weight loss without the highs and lows and energy crashes sugar causes most dieters experience

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