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Five Simple Fat Loss Strategies

Fat loss can be the pleasant result of making just a few simple changes to your lifestyle. While fat loss may occur a little more slowly than if you went all-out with a restrictive diet, these few tips can make fat loss part of an easy transition into a healthier daily choices.

Move More


Losing body fat can be as easy as just moving more than you usually do. You can include simple things like taking the stairs, parking further away, and monitoring how long you sit. Or, if you’re more dedicated, you can get into a workout routine. Exercise can take many forms and any movement is better than no movement. So, get up and get moving; whether it’s out of your work chair or out the door.

Eat Less


Fat loss can also occur through monitoring your food intake more closely. You don’t have to get obsessive out it (unless you want to). But, just writing down what you eat each day, or keeping an online log with one of the many available internet food tracker programs, can help you eat less. Researchers say that people who write down what they eat each day tend to eat fewer calories overall compared to those who “wing it.”

Reduce Sugar


You’ve probably heard that sugar is unhealthy. It can cause a host of issues including cravings for high sugar and fat-laden foods. Eating sugar tends to cause you to want even more sugar. Your taste buds can even get desensitized to the natural sweetness of fruits.

Sugar creates a lot of other health problems like elevated blood sugar levels, compromised immune systems, and increased body fat storage. Reduce sugar and experience greater fat loss.

Drink More Water


Use water to flush your system daily. Drinking water can help flush fat and toxins out of your body and it also helps to blunt the feelings of hunger. Staying hydrated will give you healthier looking hair, nails, and skin.

Eat the Right Fats


Believe it or not, you have to eat fat to burn off fat. Fat loss happens when you consume healthy fats as part of a nutritious diet. Make sure to choose fat sources like nuts and seeds, lean meats and fish, and low fat dairy products.

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