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Somehow, it seems that fruits, and some vegetables, have gotten a bad rap when it comes to healthy weight loss. A healthy weight loss program will ideally include a wide variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. It should also include items like healthy fats, plenty of lean proteins, and even the occasional dessert!

A Is For Apple
Yes, an apple a day just might keep the doctor away. And, smart dieters will include apples and other fruits as part of their healthy weight loss program. An apple contains many vitamins as well as fiber, just don’t forget to eat the skin. Most nutrients reside in the skin or just underneath it.

Fabulous Fruits
You can enjoy fruit as part of your weight loss program. It’s a good idea, however, to combine fruit intake with a little bit of protein at the same time. You can eat a handful of nuts with your fruit to keep your blood sugar steady.

Some citrus fruits like grapefruit may even provide quick weight loss. Researchers say the enzymes in grapefruit help to speed up your metabolism and burn extra body fat.

Another fruit you should include in a healthy weight loss program is coconut; specifically, coconut oil. This healthy fat blunts hunger and keeps your thyroid healthy.

Avocado – Fruit or Vegetable?
Although we tend to think of an avocado as something you might put on your salad, and therefore, a vegetable, surprisingly, it’s actually a fruit. To be very technical, it is, in fact, a berry.

Avocado is another fruit you should seriously consider adding to your diet program if you’re looking for fat loss. Avocados are full of nutrients, fiber and healthy fats. They help lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your blood and ramp up the good cholesterol (HDL).

This fruit has more potassium than a banana. Avocados also help regulate blood sugar, which aids in fast weight loss. And, last, but not least, they help you absorb the nutrients from all the other foods you eat. So, we may soon be saying, “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away”!

Fruits are your friend. They are nutrient dense, can help satisfy your sweet tooth, and the fiber will keep you full. These delicious foods should be a regular part of your healthy weight loss program.

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