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Get Fit Around the House with These 5 Activities

Working out at the gym is ideal for working off lots of calories in a short amount of time. But did you know you can get fit and shave off some extra calories just by doing your normal routine around the house? Check out these 5 chores that not only have your house and yard looking better, but your figure, too!

Working in the Yard

yard work

    1. If you’ve got lots of trees around, or live next to a neighbor that’s got an overbearing tree, get out there and rake ’em up yourself! Just a half hour of raking leaves will burn 225 calories. You’re burning calories because you are stretching, working, and pulling against a resistance. This garden task works all the major muscles in the legs and upper body.
    2. And don’t forget about the lovely flower garden! Pruning and digging in your garden for 30 minutes will work off 315 calories. Pretty surprising, right? Digging uses the thigh and calf muscles; it is also a good form of cardiovascular exercise once you get past the 10 minute mark. And squatting down to pick berries, flowers, and fruits is a great way to work those glutes!
    3. Got loads of weeds around the yard? Well instead of complaining about them, use it as an opportunity to shave off a few more pounds. Just a half hour of weeding your garden and yard will burn off 115 calories. This happens from all that bending down to pick out those unruly weeds while you are working your thighs and buttock muscles. Just make sure you don’t bend from the waist down, as it can strain your lower back.

Washing the Car



4. Make this a family affair and get everyone involved. You might even offer to do a neighbor’s car if you want to burn off some extra calories. Doing one average size car burns 143 calories in 30 minutes. This might even be faster than those long waits at the weekend drive through car wash, and save you some money too! Work out your arms and abdominal muscles as you reach to clean the roof, tires, and other awkward and hard to reach spots.




5. Power up and clean those floors and carpets at the same time! Vacuuming is a mild form of cardio and can strengthen your core as you twist and turn and push the vacuum all over your house. While a half hour only burns 90 calories, haul that heavy machine upstairs and get a leg workout, too!

So the next time you feel like complaining about doing housework, think about all of the extra calories you could be burning! Put on those gloves and get to it!


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