Get Ready To Be Shocked! Debunking Five Myths About Detox Diets


Have you experienced being in a situation where you feel desperate enough to try something outrageous and untested? Unfortunately, some people fall into this trap especially when it comes to weight loss. One of the drastic measures that some people resort to is a 21 day detox cleanse diet.

Detoxification is basically the removal of toxic substances from the body. In the field of medicine, detoxification involves either medicines or medical treatment. For health buffs and weight loss experts, detox is achieved by a specially designed set of meals to remove the harmful substances from the body.

The concept of cleansing the body has been the subject of debates between its advocates and the world of medicine, mainly on the point of whether detox treatments have a scientific basis. Supporters of natural solutions claim that detox diets work for them, and have helped them lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle without relying on prescription drugs or harmful medications.

With a controversial concept such as detox, it is important to separate truth from fiction. Here are five of the most absurd claims and myths about the wonders of detox:

1.  Only liquid diets can detoxify your body – False.

Detoxification is not done by drinking “detox” liquid only diets, because the truth is that there is no miracle drink to detoxify the human body. Detoxification works by eating the right nutrition and exercising, so that the body can fight off any harmful substances inside our systems.

2.  Drinking lots of water will flush away the toxins – False.

In the same fashion that liquid diets cannot detoxify the body, drowning the body with water does not guarantee the same thing. While it’s true that drinking water allows the toxins to leave our bodies by expelling them through with urine, gulping loads of water might do more harm than good. Health experts warn against water intoxication, which may result to headaches and vomiting.

Continue to hydrate yourself with water, but at gradual amounts. You may distribute your water intake throughout the day, instead of chugging down gallons of water in one take.

3.  Force your body to sweat out the toxins – False.

Don’t you see a trend here? Anything in excess is bad. The same can be said about too much perspiration. Sweating is a great way to release the toxins in the body, but the process should be natural and not induced. Forcing your sweat glands to produce perspiration – by sitting too long in the sauna for example– might disrupt your body’s natural way of detoxification, leading to less effective results. Just keep your workouts according to your capacity, and don’t forget to drink fluids to replenish the lost water from sweating.

4.  Your body cannot handle toxins, and that is why you need to undergo detoxification procedures -False.

This statement could not be farther from the truth. Our body is equipped with and designed to fight off bad elements in a natural way. That’s just how our anatomy is designed. Our organs and natural antibodies can fend off most toxins. What is important is to supply our body with enough nutrients so as to maintain our body’s immunity and protection and to eat foods that are naturally detoxifying .

5.  You need to drastically reduce your calories to detox your body – False.

Your body will not respond well to low-calorie, liquid only detox diets that last more than a few days. If you take the plunge into a low-calorie detox diet, you might find yourself weak in the knees – literally. Because of the low energy intake, you might experience low blood sugar, dizziness, fatigue, headaches and nausea. Plus – your body will actually slow down your metabolism due to the lack of nutrition!

Instead of going for the low-calorie route, try to change your current diet to a cleaner and more natural approach for a few days. Go a few days without processed foods, and eat more of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Compliment this with a brisk daily walk, and you’ll pleasantly surprised by the results.


The bottom line is that similar to crash diets, the so-called “21 day detox diets” are just not healthy. Allow your body to detoxify itself the natural way, by giving your body the nutrition it craves and incorporating moderate exercise into your life.

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