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Good Carbs: Which Carbs Are Okay on a Diet?

In recent years, the word “carbs” has earned a not so great reputation in the world, especially for those trying to lose weight. But for the most part, many people don’t even know the difference between good and bad carbohydrates, or that there is such thing as good carbs. This unawareness is the very same reason why several people struggle to achieve their weight loss goals.

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy in our bodies. Carbs keep an adequate flow of glucose in our body and they’re important for us to function properly. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Simple carbs are easy to break down and digest whereas complex carbs requires more effort from our digestive system.

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Where most carbohydrates are broken down into sugar molecules, fiber cannot be broken down into sugar molecules, and instead it passes through the body undigested. Fiber helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check. Rich fibers can be found in vegetables, brown rice, whole fruit, beans and other foods.

If you’re on a diet, here are the good carbs you should be consuming in order to lose weight the healthy way:

Whole grain products

This list includes: brown rice, beans, whole oats, millet, whole-grain barley, whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, buckwheat and whole rye. All these fall under the category of good carbs and are a rich source of fiber. The special thing about these products is that they have a low glycemic index; i.e. they trigger slower changes in levels of blood sugar. Here you can find more info on good carbs vs. bad carbs.

Vegetables, fruits and legumes:

Fruits and veggies are awesome good carbs since they’re packed with nutrients and vitamins. Legumes like beans, lentils and peas are also a rich source of fiber, protein and carbs, while being low in fat. For mothers with children, it’s particularly important to consume these types of carbs to keep the energy levels up.


Dairy products:

Heard that rumor about dairy products being fatty? Actually, recent research shows that milk and other dairy products are great for a healthy diet. There’s nothing wrong with going for nonfat or lowfat dairy products as long as the fat isn’t being substituted for sugar, which is more harmful for the body. It’s better to have full-fat cheese instead of light cheese and feel satisfied and not consume added sugar. You can read more about the low fat vs. full fat dairy debate here.

All these products are considered elements of a healthy diet and these carbs are perfect for the natural growth and functioning of the human body. Now you can go through your kitchen and see if you’re consuming enough healthy carbs or where you can make some changes, such as from white bread and rice to brown.


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