Weight Loss

Why Healthy Weight Loss Is Important

You can have healthy weight loss or you can have fast weight loss. Is there a difference between quick and healthy weight loss? Or, is there a good way to combine the two for the perfect diet program?

What Happens When You Diet

The body is into self-preservation. That means when you diet, your body thinks it’s starving and tries to hold on to as many calories, and as much body fat, as it can; just in case. This presents a problem because in order for fat loss to occur, you have to consume fewer calories on a regular basis than your body needs to survive.


Your metabolism is what determines how many calories you can eat on a daily basis to maintain your current weight. “Starvation mode” occurs when you diet continuously for long periods of time without a break. If you’ve allowed yourself to go into starvation mode, then you’ve most likely also slowed down your metabolism as well.

A slower metabolism means you now have to eat fewer calories than you did before in order to stay at your current weight. If you go back to eating the number of calories you ate before you started to diet, you will actually gain weight. Yes, this is a sad truth about dieting. However, it is avoidable if you follow a few simple strategies.

What to Do

The first thing to remember is that your body is a finely tuned machine. So, to keep losing weight steadily, you will have to trick your body into thinking there is enough food at all times. How do you do this and yet still create a calorie deficit?

The answer is cycling. For healthy weight loss, you want to keep your metabolism humming along and unworried about starvation. You accomplish this by going low calorie for only a few days at a time. Every 5 to 7 days you want to bring your calorie levels back up to at least your maintenance calories or even slightly higher. This will signal your body that all is well, and it can keep releasing body fat.

Mixing up your daily calorie levels means you can vary your diet program as well. Try incorporating some healthy meal replacement shakes or bars from Viance Nutrition into your lower calorie days. On higher calorie days, burn off the extra calories by checking out some of the exercise ideas and tips atViance.com.

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