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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain


Don’t get caught in the cycle of overeating all winter and then trying to make a New Year’s resolution to “lose weight” in chilly January. Instead, start with healthy habits NOW that will help you avoid winter weight gain and keep it off all season!

1. Eat before the holiday party

There’s tons of parties, mixers, and events going on during this season, which often lead to overeating. And these festivities are often laden with high calorie, high fat foods. Instead of arriving at the party famished and tempted to eat everything in sight, have a hearty salad or soup beforehand. Or keep some nutritious snacks, like a protein bar or veggie sticks at your desk to nibble on before you head out to the after-work mixer. This will satiate you just enough so that you can make wise choices at the event, and focus on the fun instead of the food!


2. Hydrate

Staying hydrated with water is important for a few reasons: it helps you feel full, and it flushes out toxins. Like we said earlier, you’re probably at more festive functions this time of year, where there are alcohol and sugary drinks floating around. Try drinking a full glass of water before you arrive so that you feel a little fuller, and you won’t be tempted to wash down every appetizer with a sugary cocktail. Also, water is important to help us flush out toxins from our bodies. This is always important for keeping your weight at an ideal number!


3. Exercise

This is the season when we start to hibernate with our TVs, books, Ipads, or whatever form of entertainment keeps you cozy in bed. But to keep winter weight off, you have to stay active. Have an exercise plan in place before the icy weather sets in so that you’re more motivated to stay on track. Don’t wait until January to join a gym – go now and get in the habit of going after work before it gets too dark and you’re tempted to cozy up on the couch. Or take up a new cold-weather sport like ice-skating or cross country skiing, which is something that you can do with your friends and family. Whatever you choose, stay active so that you keep your weight goals in check!

4. Modify “Comfort” Food

The weather is colder, the days are shorter, and this is the season when we’re craving those comfort foods that feel oh so good in our bellies. Well you don’t have to avoid them altogether and eat salads all winter – make some healthy modifications! When making soups, add in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. Or avoid high fat desserts, and instead have some baked fruits, like the fall superfoods apples and pears! And speaking of superfoods, add in oats to your breakfast or baked goods for added fiber, which helps keep that winter weight off. We’ve got some great comfort food recipes on our blog, like this one for Grilled Cheese on Cauliflower Bread which is super tasty and healthy with a big dose of veggies!

Making these small modifications throughout the season can help you avoid that dreaded weight gain that we all try so hard to keep off every year. Stay on track with these tips and others on our blog, and lose weight the way nature intended!



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