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How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Program

Deciding on a weight loss program can be a daunting prospect for many people, especially if they’re just starting out on their journey. But, the good news is that a weight loss program doesn’t have to be complicated if you follow a few simple steps.

Choose the Right Diet Plan for You


Designing your own weight loss program doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel. You can simply pick and choose from the many diets already available and find one that best fits your body type, lifestyle, and personality.

If you like to track and measure everything, then look for a program where you enter every food you eat online and weigh, measure and count calories. If you prefer to “ballpark” things, then look for a diet based around portion size, not necessarily counting and weighing.

If you are on the go, and don’t have time for cooking, the best thing you can do is find a plan that provides you with pre-packaged, ready to go meals. While this is an easy and convenient option, in the long run, it will be best for you to learn to cook a few healthy meals on your own. Try a healthy fat loss program like the one available from Viance Nutrition that allows you to enjoy the convenience of meal replacement shakes, but also teaches you to cook healthy meals for dinner. This is truly the best of both worlds.

Don’t Be Extreme


Your weight loss program should have you dropping pounds, but you don’t want quick weight loss if it means rebound weight gain later. The key is to learn moderation and slowly incorporate new healthy habits into your lifestyle over time. Pick healthy weight loss over fast weight loss for optimal long term success.

It’s a good idea to stick to a diet that includes most food groups and doesn’t exclude entire macronutrient groups like fats, or carbs. Even if you do go “low carb” or “low fat” on certain days, make sure to round out your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of protein from lean sources like turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, low fat dairy products, lean red meats, healthy bars, and meal replacement shakes.

Add Exercise to Complete Your Weight Loss Program.


Once you’ve decided on the nutrition side of your diet program, it’s time to add exercise for ultimate fat loss. Choose a weight loss program that not only includes a sensible, healthy diet, but a solid and progressive weight training program also. And, your diet program isn’t complete without a good dose of cardiovascular exercise too, ideally, several times a week.

The bottom line is any program can be successful if you are consistent and healthy weight loss is your goal. To learn more about a very successful, healthy fat loss program, be sure to visit Viance Nutrition. You can learn all about their weight loss program, as well as look through their selection of meal replacement shakes and healthy bars at

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