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How To Lose Your Stubborn 10 Pounds of Tummy Fat


Trying to get rid of that waistline is something that we all want to do…especially with summer right around the corner and it’s going to be time to pull out those bikinis and tiny tops! Well if you’ve ever tried to get of tummy fat, then you know it can be really tough to get rid of – especially those last few pounds! Here’s some strategies on how to do it and feel good about the way you look all year round!

Storage center


When we eat more calories and fat than our body is using, our tummy area becomes a storage center – plain and simple. It works like this: your body won’t burn fat for energy when it has all it needs from the food just eaten. If you have eaten more than your body needs based on your physical activities, your body has no reason to use up the fat stores and holds onto this valuable fat for when food energy runs out. You need to eat fewer calories and increase the amount of physical activity you are doing to burn that tummy fat off. Our blog is full of healthy, low-calorie recipes that can help jumpstart your fat loss!

Add some weights


And by that we mean some weights to your workout! To get rid of those last few pounds, you have to add weight training to your exercise routine. Doing so in the morning has an added benefit, as fasting for longer than 6 hours increases your body’s ability to burn fat, and you’ve just finished a 6 hour fast while you slept! You can add weights to your routine at the gym or get some free weights and do a routine at home to get this added weight loss benefit. And do these ab exercises in addition to the weights to widdle away the inches!

Eat some protein


Just blindly cutting down calories isn’t going to help your waistline slim down. You’ve also got to eat the right foods. Having a balanced diet of veggies, whole grain carbs, and protein is what is going to help get rid of that tummy fat for good. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough protein in our diets. Protein plays an important role in maintaining muscle mass and those ab muscles, especially during weight loss, when some muscle is inevitably lost. When you eat protein from lean sources, you are enabling your body to burn fat more efficiently since muscle helps you burn more calories long after your workouts have ended. Try a protein shake after your workout like our Vitality blend which has 10 grams of plant sourced protein in every serving.

With these tips and tricks you can definitely look forward to having a slim, trim waistline this summer and blast that tummy fat once and for all!


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