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How to overcome your sugar addiction

At one time or another, most of us have felt the craving, that unstoppable craving that drives us to seek out anything sweet and devour it. That unstoppable urge for cookies, cake or ice cream or that fresh baked pie calling to us to finish it off.

Why do we overeat? Why does that cookie have such power over us, even though we know it will make us fat and sick? Is it an indication of our moral weakness, a lack of will power, or is it a powerful brain response over which we have little control?

Debate has raged recently about whether sugary foods, the over-processed, hyper-palatable food that has become our Standard American Diet is addictive in the same way that heroin or cocaine is addictive. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that, in fact, sugar and high glycemic foods can be addictive.

In this video Natalie introduces us to Sugar Addiction Part 1. Learn how to overcome your sugar addiction for improved health and weight loss.

Part 2 of the 3-Part Series – How to Overcome Your Sugar Addiction!

Part 3 of the 3-Part Series – How to Overcome Your Sugar Addiction!

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