Increase Your Fat Loss with Smart Cardio

When it comes to a fat loss program, there are many tweaks you can use to get results faster. A good fat loss program will teach you how to maximize your fat burning potential while working smarter, but not necessarily harder.

Cardiovascular exercise, also called “cardio” for short, will usually be a critical component in your fat loss program. Learn how to tweak your weight loss program so you can fit it into your daily schedule.

Do Separate Cardio Sessions Work?
A fat loss program that requires you to perform vast amounts of cardio may seem overwhelming at first glance. What can you do to make it more palatable? You can break your cardio sessions down into more manageable “chunks” of time.

If you don’t want to get up early in the morning for an hour long walk, as part of your diet program, maybe you can fit in a shorter 20 minute walk without too much trouble. Then, maybe at lunch, you can take a break with another short 20 minute power walk to help with fat loss before you get back to work. This will give you a chance to get up, stretch out your legs, and get some fresh air. You’ll probably even be more focused when you return to work energized and alert.

After dinner, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood or work off your dinner with one last 20 minute walk. It won’t seem so long and arduous when you break your workout down into smaller, more fun activities throughout the day. And, several 20 minute sessions will keep your fat loss humming along nicely.

Why Short Sprints Are Sweet
When you’re embarking on a fat loss program, it’s important to keep your blood glucose and insulin levels low so you can keep burning off plenty of body fat. While sticking to a healthy weight loss diet is certainly helpful, you can also regulate these blood levels by incorporating some short sprints into your weight loss program too. Small bursts of high intensity exercise (like sprints) help to keep your blood glucose and insulin levels low. By keeping these levels in check, your fat loss will become easier and you’ll make it harder for your body to store fat.

What is HIIT and Why Is It So Effective?
“HIIT” is an acronym for “high intensity interval training”. HIIT cardio involves doing an interval at close to your maximum heart rate for a short period of time, followed by a “rest” period of low intensity exercise. These intervals can be broken up many different ways, but a common breakdown is to go 30 seconds fast, followed by 2 minutes of slow steady state cardio, then repeat. Continue repeating this combination for a total of 20-30 minutes.

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