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Hey Everyone! I apologize for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I have been really focusing on my goals for this upcoming year, and really committing to achieve them. I made this giant dream board of everything that I want to accomplish. For years- one of my New Years resolutions has been to lose weight and get in shape. Year after year I jump on the wagon and quickly fall off. I go to the gym for a week at a time and I soon get discouraged because my healthy eating soon turns into not so healthy eating. I have tried so many fad diets, trying to get skinny quick. I feel like my weight loss journey has been a giant roller coaster with many loops and bumps.

I have always thought that “going on a diet” or working my Arse off at the gym would change the way I felt and looked. Recently I have had an awakening. What if I tuned my “Diet” into a “Live it” Instead of going back and forth about eating healthy and falling off the gains train over and over again- What If I could completely change my mindset. Getting healthy and in shape is not about what new diet your on, or about how many times you fall and have to get back up. It’s all about changing your lifestyle. I have made an executive decision that I will NO longer be on a diet! I will forever be on a LIVE IT. I am choosing to live a healthy lifestyle so that I can achieve my fitness goals and feel more confidant in my skin. It’s not about how many pounds I can lose in a certain amount of time- to me it’s about the journey. Taking it one day at a time is key. Focusing on the things that I am doing right everyday and working on the things I need to improve on. By choosing to Live it, I am focusing on making healthy lifestyle changes that will LAST.

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Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

For the past two weeks I have been so dedicated at going to the gym every morning. I typically don’t go so early, because I have a hard time digesting breakfast in the morning. However- since I started drinking my Vitality Blend, I have so much energy and my stomach doesn’t get upset when I do intense cardio. It’s the perfect breakfast meal replacer because it’s so quick to make and there is NO mess! It also helps your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar as well.

I have not stepped foot inside a gym for the past year. To say it was intimidating is a huge understatement. It can be difficult to walk into a gym and feel like you don’t belong (even if you totally need to be there lol) I had a hard time feeling comfortable at first because I felt like people were judging me, or thinking that I was not in shape, etc. For all the people who have ever thought this, DON’T!! You can totally do it! Once you have your beats in, walk into that gym and own it! Once you start working out, you will feel so much better and you will be one step closer to making this amazing lifestyle change.

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Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

I have THE biggest sweet tooth. I love anything that has sugar in it. One of the hardest things about changing my diet, is not indulging in sweets. I often get tempted with cookies and cake at the store, and all I want to do is say “screw it all” and gorg on everything I can get my hands on! However- that would leave me feeling awful and in the end wouldn’t be worth it.

Lately I have found something that completely satisfies my sweet tooth, while providing nutrients and protein to my body. Viance Brownie Bites are only 100 calories but taste like they are from the heavens! They are so chewy and have little chucks of chocolate throughout. It is the perfect snack to hold me over until my next meal.

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I am grateful for companies that I can count on to help me with my lifestyle changes. I am excited for the journey ahead in becoming healthier and becoming more fit.

Viance will be offering a 50% off discount for first time subscription buyers of Vitality Blend and Brownie Bites.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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