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New Year, New Routine

Here I am again to talk about motivation, nutrition & quality of life.

I already posted about my 2017 resolutions, but I can let you know that I started this year committing myself to take my health more seriously and it includes exercises, liking or not. 


Fortunately I have a good fitness background, since I have been working out for the last (at least) 10 years of my life. But, I also understand that I’m no gym rat nor crazy in love about gyms’, and for that reason ma’friend, results won’t appear. Then 2017 started and I felt like I needed a change. I needed to start eating better and at least have a better relationship with the gym. 


I was told that it takes 21 days to get used to a new habit and so I decided to give it a try. First day of the year and there I was eating a delicious salad, protein, weighting my carbs. Of course my body felt a big difference and my mirror showed me what a good decision Ive made. 


Little I knew that I would be looking for healthy options with such enthusiasm. 

Universe heard me and sent Viance Nutrition Vitality Blend to enrich my breakfast meals. I don’t know about you, but Ive always had a hard time to eat breakfast. My stomach doesn’t wake up until almost lunch time, which makes it hard on me now that Ive been taking so much care about my health (and you all know how important breakfasts are for your day). But Im persistent and Viance Nutrition has been helping so much.


Viance Nutrition Vitality Blend is plant based, loaded with protein, fiber, omegas, alkalizing fruits and veggies, high-orca antioxidants superfood. Seriously, can I ask more for a breakfast meal? Its good for my body, delicious for my taste and so rich in nutrients. Ive been noticing how my mood and energy changes every time I take this morning shake, in all the good ways possible. 

I usually mix my Viance Nutrition Vitality Blend (chocolate flavor) with almond milk, banana and strawberry. OMG! So good! Try it! Try it!


Not only that, but Viance was so nice to send me some Viance Nutrition Brownie Bites, because they know how much of a sweet tooth I am. This brownies are rich in flavor and you cant even tell the difference from the ones you can find at the stores, except that this brownies are way better for your health. They are chewy, fudgy, only 3g of sugar – 100 calories




You can have these as a snack every time you feel like you need anything sweet during the day. I try not to eat all day long, because they’re sooooo good!!!


Hi, there! 

I’m Angelica and this is my place to share what I’m passionate about, like fashion, fitness, wellness, trips and lots of pictures, of course.

The posts shared here are going to be in two languages, so I can reach my Portuguese and English speakers.

Hope you enjoy it!

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