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Optimize Your Breakfast Nutrition With These 5 Simple Hacks


What you eat when you wake up can either make or break your entire day. Check out these 9 simple hacks to make sure you’re optimizing your breakfast.


1) Make it bigger.


Yes, that’s right. It’s easy to choose a 90-calorie nutrition bar or a 100-calorie cup of yogurt but being so calorie-conscious first thing in the morning can backfire if you’re already hungry by the time you start work.

It’s better to have a more complete breakfast of 300-500 well-chosen calories so that you can get further through the morning and cut down on those mid-morning snacks.


2) Skip the sugar.


Breakfast staples like sweetened cereals, fruit-flavored yogurts and milkshake-like coffee drinks are loaded with sugar that you can exceed the daily recommended sugar intake before you start your day.

Just be smarter about what you eat. Cereals with minimum added sugar and plain yogurt with sliced fruit or berries are much better choices. Have fresh fruit instead of sugary fruit juices, or make your own fruit smoothies and sweeten them with fresh squeezed orange. Use maple syrup in your oatmeal instead of sugar.


3) Increase the protein-to-carb ratio.


You don’t have to avoid cereals, fruit and whole grain toast, but they should be a complement to your main item: protein. Protein makes you feel fuller, boosts your metabolism, and helps you build lean muscle tissue.

So if you’re having some toast with jam, add some peanut butter. If you’re having a bagel, add some salmon to it. Add some protein powder to your smoothie. Have Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.



4) Throw in some veggies.


Most people struggle to get at least 5 servings of vegetables per day because they don’t start until dinner! Why not start with breakfast?

You can prepare a vegetable omelet, add some tomato to your bagel, throw some spinach into your smoothie or have vegetable juice instead of orange juice.


5) Add healthy fats.


Healthy fats like avocado can help boost the absorption of nutrients from veggie. Not to mention, they’re delicious too!

Throw some avocado into your green smoothie or add some to your salmon and tomato bagel. You can also add coconut oil to your smoothie or spread it on toast. Sprinkle walnuts or flax seeds onto your oatmeal.


Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day—it really affects how you feel the rest of the day. You want to make sure you’re getting a nutritious breakfast and be smart about what you eat.

After all, what you eat is just as important as how much you’re eating, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight!

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