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The Role of Water in Healthy Weight Loss

Believe it or not, water can aid you in your healthy weight loss efforts. Healthy weight loss happens as a happy combination of several factors. Exercise, calorie and portion control, proper nutrition and water intake are all critical factors in your quest for fat loss.

How Water Helps You Lose Weight

Healthy weight loss revolves around burning off excess body fat. Water helps speed up that process. How is this accomplished? The story really begins with your liver. Your liver is the organ responsible for detoxification and fat metabolism. Water helps to flush toxins out of your system. These toxic substances pass through your liver and can slow or cripple its ability to function. Keeping your liver and kidneys fully hydrated allows them to operate efficiently. When your liver is in top form, your fat burning potential is also at its best.

A second way water helps you burn extra calories is by raising your metabolic rate. Some people purposely drink ice water for added fat loss benefits. Your body not only has to process the water, but it also has to heat it up to your body temperature, thus burning more calories.

Other Health Benefits of Water

Healthy weight loss can also include eliminating water retention. Many people tend to hold water. Often, quick weight loss can be mostly attributed to water loss, not actual fat loss. This is where water consumption is critical. When you keep your body properly hydrated, your body no longer feels the need to hold on to extra water. Drinking plenty of water (at least eight glasses a day or more) will allow you to release the extra water weight.

Exercise and Water

The healthy weight loss benefits of water don’t stop at consumption. Think about all the fun ways to get exercise in the water. Besides the obvious swimming workout, you can also enjoy things like water aerobics, water walking, water polo, surfing, diving, water skiing, and more.

Another benefit to water sports is the fun factor. You are more likely to engage in activities that you find enjoyable. The more you move, the further along you’ll be on your path to healthy weight loss.

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