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Seven Powerful Probiotic Foods For Healthy Digestion

Probiotics – the good bacteria. These beneficial bacteria have been shown by numerous studies to improve the workings of the digestive system and help our bodies adjust to modern, processed foods.

Here is a short backgrounder on probiotics:

The term is a wordplay on the Latin prefix pro (meaning “for”) and the Greek word bios (meaning “life”). This group of bacteria consists of microorganisms that are claimed to have health benefits when taken into the humn body.

Some of the most common probiotics include yeast, Lactobacillus, lactic acid bacteria, and bifidobacteria.

Food rich in probiotics are recommended for people who take antibiotics, because antibiotics can kill the natural digestive bacteria – both the bad and the good.

Considering that probiotic foods are all-natural, we might benefit much from including them into our diet plans. Without much further ado, here are seven of the most popular and effective probiotic foods:


Most of the yogurt products available in the market contain live and active cultures, which are basically the probiotics that we are looking for. The operative word here is “most”, because some are loaded with sugar, so be sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing.


Soybean is known for being rich in proteins, but its fermented variants contain a lot of probiotics. Take the case of tempeh, a meat substitute made from fermented soybeans. Its solid structure makes it a viable alternative to meats and tofu, and is rich in other nutrients as well.

Dark Chocolate

Probably the tastiest in the list is chocolate, particularly dark chocolate as milk chocolate is loaded with sugar. This variant of chocolate contains as much as four times the amount of probiotics found in most dairy products.


This famous pickled condiment is actually a healthy food, loaded with lactic acid bacteria as a result of fermenting cabbage and other vegetables. Sauerkraut has also been found to alleviate discomfort caused by allergic reactions.

Fermented Tea

You may see this product in Asian food shops and selected health stores as Kombucha tea. Its fermented nature makes it a viable thriving ground for good bacteria. Unlike the usual black or red tea variants that we have come to know, fermented tea might be cloudy and dark. Don’t worry, because this murky appearance is just a by-product of the natural fermentation process.


As an additive to juices, microalgae is a probiotic-rich food additive. This product comes from algae-based plants such as chorella, blue green algae and spirulina, and is available in health shops.


Another fermented concoction is kefir, prepared by inoculation of cow or goat milk with a bacterial fermentation starter. It is essentially a type of yogurt, except with yeast and more bacteria. As a result, kefir has a greater concentration of probiotics that yogurt.


All-natural treatments such as probiotics are great for the body, because they do not interrupt the natural processes happening in our organs. Viance Vitality Blend contain both probiotics and prebiotics and are available here.

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