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Should You Track Your Movement?

It has never been easier keep track your movement, just ask the government. Fitness trackers are becoming part of every athletes arsenal. Millions of people track every step they take, and keeping a constant eye on their heart beat. Are fitness trackers a helpful tool, or just another novelty? 

What do they track?


The top end fitness trackers, such as the Garmin vĂ­vosmart HR+  will track steps, sleep, heart rate and GPS. You can also track pace, distance and personal records for various sports. Because we live in the future, it tracks everything from calories burned to floors climbed, and even receive calls, texts and social media alerts.  

Keeping Goals 


So why should we care to keep track of these stats every waking minute of our lives? If you are the kind of person that sets strict goals, a fitness tracker can keep you on track, and hold you accountable. Athletes training for specific events, can gain an advantage if they know exactly how long the event will take them if they keep a specific pace.

Training for Athletes


I once used this technique while preparing for a stand up paddle board race. I knew the distance the race would cover, and I was able to view the times set by the previous years winner. It was simple, I knew to win I have to cover 4.2 miles in less than 32 minutes. I started by mapping a 4.2 mile section of the river to paddle each day. My first attempt took me about 50 minutes, but I was able to track my progress, and see how inconsistent my pace was. Eventually I was able to set a pace from the start that I knew would result in a specific finish time. When the big day finally came, I was able to maintain the pace I had trained for finishing in the top ten of the elite racers.

Weight Loss


If you are tracking calories in order to lose weight, tracking calories burned is essential. In theory burning 3500 calories means losing one pound of body weight. With a fitness tracker you can you pair the knowledge of how many calories you have consumed and how many you have burned. Keeping a close eye on the numbers is a very effective way to create a healthy, personalized weightless plan.

What Do They Cost?

The cost of fitness trackers range from less than $20 to more than $200. Picking the features and style you want will really determine the price. Another option, a free option is getting an app that can track your movement. Tracking apps have some limitations, for example you can’t track your heart beat. I personally use an app called Motion X-GPS, this tracks speed, pace, time and location. 


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