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Turn Your Morning Shower Into A Spa Experience!!!


If your morning routine includes showering, this is a great routine you can use to start pampering yourself and start your day off in a relaxed state. You can do this without adding much additional time to your morning routine.

  1. First of all pick up a few body cleansing products such as, a body wash gel, some deep cleaning facial scrub, body exfoliating wash and some good deep penetrating moisture body wash.
  2. When you get in the shower, spend a few minutes just relaxing and stretching under the hot water. Breathe deeply, relax your muscles and visualize. Maybe you see yourself walking on a beautiful beach somewhere. Breathe and relax!
  3. Use a deep cleaning facial wash and give your face a gentle scrubbing.
  4. Next use body wash in replace of a bar of soap, then use a body exfoliating wash and gently give your entire body a good scrubbing. Take your time, relax and enjoy. Finally add the deep penetrating moisture body wash to finish up.

You will be surprised at how good this feels, while only adding a few more minutes to your morning routine.

Your skin is your first line of defense against germs, it is also the largest organ in the human body. Your skin is constantly shedding dead cells and replacing new cells. One of the great things about Superfood nutrition is that we are giving our bodies the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthy, elastic new skin cells. Take care of your skin!

  • Skin protects body tissues and organs against injuries.
  • The nerves in your skin receive the stimuli that tell your brain when your skin has been touched.
  • The nerves in your skin also help your brain respond to sensations of hot and cold.
  • Your skin helps to regulate your body’s temperature by making your pores smaller when it’s cold, and making pores larger when it’s hot.
  • Your skin is the “armor” that helps to protect your immune system from bacteria and disease.
  • Skin keeps your essential body fluids (blood, water and lymph) from evaporating.
  • Your skin protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. The amount of sun protection you have depends on the amount of melanin you inherited.

One of the benefits we here most often from our clients who use Viance Vitality Blend is that they see  improvement in their skin tone almost immediately when using the Vitality Blend. That’s not surprising since nutrition plays such an enormous role in skin health.

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