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Stay Healthy at the Holiday Party!

It’s that time of year when everywhere you turn there’s a holiday party for work, a cookie exchange, or a potluck family gathering. And with all of these festivities comes lots of fat and calories, unfortunately. But plan ahead before you take part in the fun and you’ll enjoy yourself, and the company of others, without derailing your weight loss plan!

1. Eat Before You Go

This seems counterintuitive, but it really is one of the best strategies you can employ to stay fit and not overeat when you arrive at the party. Work functions are usually full of catered goodies that are fat-laden and look very tempting. Same with the cookie party – all sweets and not a veggie in sight! The best thing you can do to stave off cravings for these treats is to eat a hearty soup or salad before heading out the door. Try our easy Italian chicken pita pockets which have enough protein and healthy carbs to keep you satisfied for the whole event.


2. Drink Some Water

Everyone’s toasting and celebrating, and while we’re not saying to abstain completely, have a glass of water in between drinks. Staying hydrated will prevent any upset stomachs the next day and headaches that come from dehydration because of the alcoholic drinks. And it’s not just alcohol that’s the culprit – sugary drinks topped with whipped cream are loaded with calories and fat, so make sure you’re quenching your thirst with water instead of one of these drinks that will quickly sabotage your weight loss plan.

3. Opt for Veggies

We’re not expecting you to be a party pooper and skip out on everything at the table, but just make wise choices. When it comes time for appetizers, use veggies instead of chips for those tasty dips. And if you can, opt for more veggies on your dinner plate. Or bring your own veggie dish to the potluck! Our recipe for brussel sprout salad is always a crowd pleaser and has tons of nutrients, which is great for everyone!


4. Fruit for Dessert

This is always the hardest part of the night because the bounty of desserts seems endless at the holidays! But you can satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts that have more fruit than other ingredients. Or offer to bring a dessert – most hostesses would welcome this favor! Our sugar free Greek yogurt cheesecake is elegant and can be topped with any fruit, which just makes this dessert extra delicious!

To stay healthy at the holiday party doesn’t take a lot of work, just some planning ahead. So use these tips to stay healthy while enjoying yourself this season! 


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