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Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss program is important if you want the weight to stay off. Healthy weight loss is a lifestyle change. It’s a process of learning new habits that will assist you in your fat loss goals, and will help you maintain that fat loss.

What Is Yo-Yo Dieting?

A healthy weight loss program should help you avoid the yo-yo dieting syndrome. Yo-yo dieting is when you lose and gain the same weight over and over again. This typically happens when people go on a diet program, but don’t change the habits that put the excess weight on in the beginning.

Also, diets that are too restrictive or offer too few calories can cause your metabolism to plummet, and can even cause you to binge eat. Each time you start a new diet and don’t get the nutrients your body needs, you risk falling off the wagon.

Too few calories over an extended period of time can cause you to lose muscle mass too. So, the next time you diet, your body will require even less calories to survive, and you will have to continue to restrict calories even further just to see progress. It’s a vicious cycle.

How a Weight Loss Partner Can Help Your Progress

Having a friend join you on your healthy weight loss trek will make your journey much easier and more enjoyable. It’s good to have a supportive friend go through your diet program with you so you can lean on each other during stressful times. Research shows that those dieters who join support groups, whether online or off, have a greater rate of success than those who try to go it alone.

Strategies to Prevent Rebound Weight Gain

Your healthy weight loss program should allow you to lose about two pounds a week. If you experience fast weight loss that is greater than two pounds per week, you may encounter rebound weight gain. Often, if dieters lose weight too quickly, and don’t change their eating habits, the weight can come back on almost as fast as it came off.

The goal is to lose weight slowly and keep it off. Have a support system in place so you can bounce thoughts, feelings and strategies off other people who are experiencing the same struggles as you. There are many online groups and local networks you can join to find a supportive partner.

The smart way to diet is to garner social support, have a healthy diet program that allows you to lose weight gradually, and focus on making good eating habits part of your life.

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